Top Government Jobs After BBA: Graduates Can Pursue


Bachelor of Business Administration also called the BBA degree is one of the most chosen programs out there not just in India but also when you consider globally. If you choose this degree then you get to focus on business, organization, or company management strategies and planning. One of the best parts of this course is that you also get certain government jobs after BBA. At the same time, you do know that when you get the best government jobs after BBA you also tend to gain benefits. However, you might want to know which are these government jobs after BBA that you can get once you pass out from BBA colleges in Bangalore. To understand the same here is a brief account of some of the top BBA programs and how they will help you gain marks and get your dream government job.

Why Pursue Government Jobs After BBA?

It is no lie that achieving some of the best government jobs after BBA is just a dream for many. However, when it comes to government jobs you get to have multiple benefits. The government sector is famously known for its secure jobs along with high remuneration. However, you might have come across the question of why get government jobs after BBA if this is the only benefit you get. Well, this is not the only benefit you get, here is a list of other benefits due to which a lot of people tend to go for government job opportunities after BBA.

1. Retirement Benefits

As a government employee, you tend to receive a lot of benefits than when you work in the private sector after pursuing the best BBA program. A lot of retirement benefits such as gratuity, PF, and salary arrears can be obtained when you go for government jobs after BBA graduation. Such financial security can also entice people if they do not wish to work past their retirement age.

2. Housing Facilities

Housing benefits are also another one of the advantages when you go for some of the best government jobs after BBA. Especially since the prices of houses are at an all-time high in India, it has become extremely difficult for people to even get a house. However, if you go for government jobs after BBA then you get to live in government quarters for free or by paying only a little amount.

3. Medical Benefits

When it comes to medical benefits there is also a huge difference in the benefits that you get. When you get into the private sector you need to be able to adjust with the medical cover that the employer provides. However, as a government employee, you get some of the best medical benefits.

4. Work-life balance

If you are among those students who are pursuing BBA after government jobs placement then you also get to have a great work-life balance. This is especially true since you get to have fixed timings for work and hence there is no need to work extra.

5. Job security

Since the era of corona, there have been a lot of layoffs due to which job security has also become one of the biggest issues. However, if you get some of the best government job opportunities after BBA you get to be sure that your job will be secure. The chances of you getting laid off by the government are also very low.

Top Government Jobs for BBA Graduates

Now that you know there are so many benefits when it comes to getting government jobs after BBA then here are some of the best government jobs after BBA that you need to keep an eye out for.

Bank PO and Clerk Positions

Banks play quite an important role in this economic world. In such a world getting a job in the banking sector is surely one of the best government jobs after BBA that you can get. There will however be some exams that you might want to crack even after getting a degree from top BBA colleges. Those candidates who have completed their BBA are mainly eligible for positions such as clerical and professional officers. Most of the responsibilities you get in this sector would be related to handling of banking operations, branch management, cash management, customer service management, and account management.

Civil Service

Most of the candidates always dream of getting a civil services job once they complete their degree from BBA colleges in Bangalore. Also since most of you tend to study administrative topics it becomes quite easy to get a government job in administrative services. After BBA most of the candidates also tend to prepare for jobs such as IPS and IAS. For this however, you might have to take a competitive examination which is conducted under the UPSC or state-level civil services to get the job.

BBA graduates however are lucky as they can choose an optional subject for the civil service examination. You will have 3 rounds namely a preliminary exam, a main exam, and an interview.

SSC (Staff Selection Commission)

BBA graduates can also search for various government jobs through SSC exams for positions such as data entry or clerical positions. You can get these positions by going through a selection process which includes a written English exam and a general knowledge exam along with a reasoning skills exam.

Police Sub-inspector

One of the careers you can go for after you pass the SSC exam is police sub-inspector. The demand for police officers is definitely on the rise since there is a high rate of crime happening as well. This is a non-gazetted position. There is however few criteria that you must follow to get a job as a police sub-inspector:

  • Candidates should be Indian or of Indian origin
  • The height for female applicants should be at least 152 cm
  • The height for male applicants should be at least 157 cm.

Defense Services

Joining the armed forces will give you a chance to serve your beloved nation. After BBA, candidates can join various defense services such as the Indian Army, Indian Air Force, and Indian Navy. However, for joining these services you might have to pass an exam called CDS or Combined Defense Service exam. Selections of the candidates will be done solely based on their performance in the entrance exam.


One of the best government job opportunities after BBA also includes the positions held by Railways. This recruitment can help fill various vacancies for both zonal railways and even the central railways. Some of the common roles that you might come across in railways can be provided as follows:

  • Junior Account Assistant cum Typist
  • Senior Time Keeper
  • Traffic Assistant
  • Senior Clerk cum Typist
  • Commercial Apprentice
  • Station Master
  • Municipal corporations

Various municipal corporations at both the state, city, or regional levels can hire BBA graduates for multiple roles. The roles mainly revolve around planning and administrative positions. People who work in this sector can easily earn about 4.75 Lacs INR per year depending on their positions.

Application Process and Tips for Success

To be able to secure government jobs after BBA then you might have to take certain entrance exams such as the CGL exam or the Common Graduate Level exam which is conducted by SSC or the Staff Selection Commission.

This exam basically consists of three steps such as follows:

  • Tier 1 and Tier 2 which consist of objective type of paper
  • Tier 3 which consists of a descriptive type of paper. This exam carries 100 marks and you get 60 minutes of time.

Some of the tips you can follow to get top marks in these exams and get a secured government job can be provided as follows:

  • Initially create a study plan
  • Understand how the exam pattern works along with what the syllabus is
  • Mainly focus on current affairs and general knowledge
  • Practice a lot of previous years’ question papers
  • Take mock tests to check your time management skills


Now that you have understood how the government jobs after BBA can change your life, it is time to go for some of the top BBA programs and get your best education. You can also follow all the tips for preparation which can be hard but also quite rewarding at the same time. Always remember with a proper schedule and consistent motivation you are sure to reach the level you have always wanted to go up to!

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1: What is the eligibility criteria for applying to government jobs after BBA?

The main eligibility criteria to apply for government jobs after you complete your BBA degree is to qualify your UPSC CSE exams which are one of the toughest exams in India.

Q2: How competitive are government job exams for BBA graduates?

Getting a government job as a BBA graduate is surely a long and challenging process however once you go through this competitive task you will get a lot of rewards.

Q3: Can BBA graduates apply for jobs in the defense sector?

Yes after BBA you can go for various defense sector jobs including Indian Navy, Indian Army, and even Indian Air Force.

Q4: In which sectors can a BBA graduate apply for a government job?

Most BBA candidates can apply in various sectors of government such as state public service commissions, administrative services, defense sectors, railways departments, and state municipal corporations.

Q5: Which specialization in a BBA degree can get you the highest salary

Those of you who have got specializations in marketing and business management can easily earn high-range salaries. Also, the ones who have been placed in government ministries can get allowances plus high salaries.

Q6: Can a BBA graduate like me apply for IAS and government teams?

BBA graduates can definitely go for IAS and other government teams however there will be one condition which is to clear your UPSC exams.

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