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IFIM School of Technology is an institution of tertiary education specializing in the area of computer technology and its applications. It comes under the aegis of IFIM Institutions, Bangalore. It offers undergraduate Programmes in the area of computer applications.


IFIM School of Technology offers two Programmes – BCA (Hons.) in Software Engineering and BCA (Hons.) in Data Analytics. These two undergraduate Programmes provide opportunities to exit at the end of each year of student, each culminating with an award of a certificate, diploma, degree, and degree with honors respectively, consistent with the NEP 2020 of Government of India.

4-year undergraduate programme with a focus on providing software engineering concepts, skills, and techniques to take on the challenges of developing quality software for the industry.

Three-Four year undergraduate programme with a focus on providing an in-depth understanding of methodologies and techniques to deal with analysis of large amounts of data, and visualization of data towards decision making.

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Prof. Sinzy Silvester 

Program Head – BCA  | Assistant Professor – Computer Applications   MCA, ME-CSE 

Prof. S. Lakshmi Saranya

Assistant Professor – Computer Applications | MCA

Prof. Sinzy Silvester 

Mrs. Sinzy Silvester is an academician with over 15 years of Experience. She has taught both at the Graduate and Post-Graduate levels for courses affiliated to Bangalore University.

She is an organized and a dedicated professional with proven skills in teaching, guidance, and motivation with an ever-approachable nature. She holds a double masters in the areas of Computer Science Engineering and Computer Applications.

She specializes in her areas of interest namely Cryptography & Network Security, UNIX & SHELL Programming and Data Analytics. She is quite passionate and has an avid interest for research in the mentioned areas.

She has attended various workshops and conferences both at the National and International level. She has also presented and published papers in journals of high repute.


  • 2011: Master of Engineering (CSE)
    Name of the university: Anna University
  • 2006: Master of Computer Applications (MCA)
    Name of the University: Kerala University
  • 2003: Bachelor of Science (Mathematics)
    Name of the university: Kerala University

Prof. S. Lakshmi Saranya

Lakshmi Saranya S has 5 years of teaching experience in computer science. She is currently an Assistant Professor in the Department of Computer Applications at IFIM College (Autonomous). She has attended various workshops, Faculty Development Programs and conferences.


  • MCA, Tiruvalluvar University, Tamilnadu, India.
  • B.Sc Electronics, Sri Venkateshwara University, Andhra Pradesh, India.

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