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CCE - Centre for Continuous Employability

The Centre for Continuous Employability assists students with career counselling, mentoring, placements and internships, in addition to managing alumni, corporate relations and innovations in executive education. The Centre for Continuous Employability (CCE) considers the ‘Placement Process’ sacrosanct and extends all support to ensure that students are given the right opportunity to streamline their career interests with the opportunities available. The CCE team continuously endeavours to ensure IFIM comes up with the best placements and becomes the most favoured destination for recruiters.


  • To enhance the experiential learning at IFIM through industry institution interaction.
  • To ensure 100% placement assistance to all the eligible students via many forms of training aid.

The CCE at IFIM is devoted to periodically strengthening the Industry Institution Interaction (III). The following activities are regularly extended and monitored by the CCE team.

  • Increasing job and career winning opportunities
  • Industry Internship Program (IIP)
  • Corporate Mentorship Program (CMP)
  • Industry Institute Interaction (III)
  • Group Discussion and Personal Interview (GDPI)


From the moment they step foot on campus, students at IFIM School of Management are pushed through the rigours of corporate life. Through IFIM itself, numerous industry interfaces are accessible to them to further their learning. The internship programme, which lasts for around two months, is the most important of these.

A student’s first year of school is the perfect time to evaluate their knowledge through an internship with a business. They are required to work on a project that will both benefit the business they are employed with and provide them with significant learning opportunities.

The internship is regarded as a component of the curriculum, and the student must maintain regular contact with mentors at their place of employment as well as faculty members on campus.


The Placement Committee seeks to fulfil the mission of ensuring lifelong employability for the students of IFIM by aligning the learning outcomes of academic programs in IFIM to the Industry needs. We believe that Continuous Employability requires an individual to consistently augment one’s inherent abilities to remain in demand. Thus, we help all current and past students in skilling, upskilling and reskilling themselves.

The following support is offered by the Committee upon a student’s fulfilment of the eligibility criteria laid down in the placement and internship policy:

  • Providing job and career winning opportunities
  • Industry Internship Program
  • Mentorship Program
  • Soft Skill Training

Our Recruiters

Placements And Internships At A Glance : 2020 - 21

Placement : Out of the total number of students

  • Percentage of students who opted in for placement: 75%
  • Percentage of students who were eligible: 60%
  • Percentage of students already placed: 50%

Internship :

  • 50% students secured internships through the Industry Internship Program.

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