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Prabhudas Liladhar Finance Laboratory

The objective of the Finance Lab is to impart a host of practical knowledge and real-world examples to complement the students ‘in class’s’ theoretical learning experience. Students get hands-on experience on the latest trends, tools and best practices of the industry.

The finance lab is well equipped with various tools and software mainstream in the industry.

Simulation Labs

IBM and IFIM Institutions have collaborated to help students enhance their skills in areas of managerial decision-making and strategy. This program initiated by Career Education for Business Transformation (CEBT) focuses on the major areas of business transformation where software plays a critical role.

Moot Court

Moot Court is like the laboratories of law schools where theoretical knowledge is tested in real life situations. IFIM School of Law Moot Court Hall can seat over 70 people. It has a state of the art projection system that allows international live broadcasting facilities in the hall which means that physical presence of teams isn’t required for conducting moot court competitions.

Startup Foundry

The CoE-ED is established to synergistically bring together resources necessary for nurturing students who dream of entrepreneurship as an end-goal of their careers. The center aims to play an important role in the entrepreneurial ecosystem in the Start-up Capital of India. 


Working days: The library is open 7 days a week.

Timing: 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM All days of the week except IFIM holidays.

Dining and Housing


The hostel is located on a lush 2 -acre campus and is near campus. Transportation to and from the hostel is available at the campus. The hostel campus is completely wi-fi enabled and has well equipped single/double occupancy rooms.

Multi-Cuisine Dining Centre

IFIM has a spacious canteen on campus. Students enjoy their food in the clean, well-maintained, aesthetic atmosphere. IFIM ensures that the students are provide the nutritious and hygienic food by Sodexo, which is India’s one of the best food services.

24x7 Medical Facility

On-call doctors are available 24X7 on the campus. The medical unit is equipped with amenities to counter a case of emergency. Hospitals are located near the campus and their services can be availed in case a student or faculty member needs advanced treatment or therapy.

IT Facilities

IFIM’s Keep Learning Platform integrates various systems into a single platform and can leverage information stored in these systems for analyzing the efficacy of academic delivery.

  • Recorded Lectures – At IFIM all the scheduled classes on ERP get recorded through the Lecture capture system Impartus to ensure that students don’t spend time taking notes in the class by engaging in a positive discussion with the faculty.
  • WI-FI – IFIM campus & hostel are fully hi-speed Wi-Fi connected. To ensure hassle-free connectivity each student at IFIM can connect to the Wi-Fi network from IFIM Campus or IFIM Hostel.
  • Email id and more – Upon registration every student receives IFIM official email ID with Office 365 features.

Sports Facilities

Facilities for indoor and outdoor sports like Football, Cricket, TT, Carom, Chess, Shuttle Badminton, Gym, etc. are made available for the students. Fully equipped gym with internationally certified trainers for activities such as yoga, aerobics and physical training is also available on campus.

Extra Curricular Activities

Student Support Cell

Student Support Cell (SSC) is a support system created to offer all kinds of support as well as grooming to our students beyond academics.
It comprises all clubs and committees of the college which are convened by faculty members who take the responsibility of training and nurturing the students in their respective fields.


Business Club

The Business club is a forum to provide students with a common platform through which they can enhance their business/management skills. It also provides them with opportunities to learn and interact with the peers through various inhouse competition like management book review, logo designing, crossword, business quiz, business plan and best manager.

Literary Club

The Literary club plays an essential role in honing students’ skills to prepare them as industry ready professionals through language and literature acquisitions.

Club Activities: Poetry slam contest, storytelling, poster making and theatre.

IT Club

The platform to learn basics on emerging technology in the current market through various activities.

Club Activities: Certificaiton Courses • IT Quiz • Assembling and Dis-Assembling of a System • Website Designing • Coding and Debugging • IT Manager • Gaming

National Service Scheme

True to its motto ‘Not Me but You’ ,NSS trains its volunteers to be self-starting in connecting to the community and its well-being in various ways. It aligns itself with the government schemes in upgrading the living conditions of people and it fights everything which is against humanity.

Youth Red Cross Wing

The YRC Wing of IFIM College is yet another platform that works on the seven fundamental principles – 1. Humanity, 2. Impartiality, 3. Neutrality, 4. Independence, 5. Voluntary Service, 6. Unity and 7.Universality.
Club Activities: Quiz competitions, visit to Desire Humanitarian NGO to mark World AIDS Day, Workshop on Emotion Regulation

CSR Club

The club is to cultivate a spirit of social entrepreneurship among the students and to create an awareness as their active participation may impact Indian societies, political, and cultural landscapes.

Cultural Club

The purpose of the Cultural club is to promote creative arts on campus through  activities that  allow students to express their thoughts creatively  and allow for creative expression to hone a  strong personality. The club always encourages the students to participate  in various cultural activities at various levels like inter-collegiate  and  intra  collegiate competitions.

Event Management Club

Like all other clubs, this is also a student-driven club which manages the organizing part, arranging part of it, the speeches like Welcome Address, Introduction of the Guest, Vote of Thanks, and disciplinary aspects. This club aims at training the students in being able to conduct events and provide a hands-on experience in the management of events.

Guest Lectures

Guest lectures are the most important tools used by our institution to keep the academics and the industry hand-in-hand and the process of learning ahead. The resource persons and their topics are carefully chosen by the subject teachers which would complement the classroom teaching.

Theatre, Photography and Film Making

The moto of this club is to provide a platform to act directly and understand the intricacies of theatre art. The club is for those students who are extremely passionate about capturing events, moments in time that possess the potential to narrate a compelling tale.

Club Activities: Photography competitions-theme, non-theme, Video making competitions, Post-processing competitions, Workshops on photography, post-processing and cinematography.

Events Beyond College

This is a club which monitors each and every participation of our students in events beyond college. IFIM Students participate at inter-collegiate events at state, national and international levels.

Signature Events@IFIM


The annual charity run to raise awareness about the security of women and education for the girl child, did just that – “Run for Her”. Other than donating to CRY, our NGO partner, we also ended upstarting a new tradition of raising funds to uplift the five villages in Kolar adopted by the IFIM Institutions under the Unnat Bharat Abhiyan Scheme.

International Conference - Fusion

One of our signature events is Fusion which is an annual international conference which invites papers from academicians, corporates, industrialists, research scholars and students. It aims to churn-out all possibilities of ideas and thoughts which could make the world a better place to live-in.

International Student Conference - Mind Power

Experts from the relevant field would throw light on the topic as the key-note speaker of the conference. Paper-presentations by student-delegates would happen followed by the announcement and distribution of the Best Paper Awards.


Aura is a students’ festival for IFIM students. Aura invites students from various institutions. This helps the students and participants to improve their knowledge, talents, communications skills, organizing activities, leadership qualities and develops the spirit of teamwork among them. The Activities under AURA are:
  • Management Events
    1. Marketing
    2. Finance
    3. HRM
    4. Entrepreneurship
    5. Best Manager
    6. Business Plan
    7. Business Quiz
  • Cultural Events
    1. Fashion Show
    2. Battle of Bands
    3. War of the DJS
    4. Group Dance
    5. Photography

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