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Position: Teaching Positions

Reporting to: Dean or Principal/Director

How to read this Job Description
The job description for the role of teaching positions should be tailored in line with the balance of the job and workload allocation
for each individual. The principles of the workload allocation will depend on faculty/school level agreements. There is an expectation that all academic staff will be engaged in teaching and learning activity. It is clear that the agreed balance of the role may affect the volume of teaching undertaken and this template job description allows this to be reflected. The job descriptions provide a framework for typical teaching roles; they are not exhaustive lists of activities.

Key Purpose of the Job :
Teaching positions provide academic excellence to IFIM, by demonstrating and fostering excellence in teaching, research,
editorships, being member of an editorial / review board and / or any other academic committee services and management within the IFIM Institution. Faculty needs to develop, enable and deliver research and practice informed teaching activities - responsible for academic area leadership and design and development of curricula and making a significant contribution to the leadership, management and development of teaching and learning strategies and academic standards.

Educational Qualification / Experience required :

Key Responsibilities

  • Teaching in their area of study/specialty
  • General Responsibilities
  • Performing, leading and publishing research in their field.
  • Institution Building activities
  • Mentor & Assess Students

Indicative Tasks

Teaching in their area of study/specialty

  • Oversee the design and development of the overall curriculum as per academic standards and quality for the subject area.
  • Working with the Dean(s), lead the development and implementation of the student learning experience strategy.
  • Contribute to the development of academic policies across IFIM
  • Structure the course that will be conducted and prepare learning material that can be uploaded in the LMS for students
  • Select textbooks and other resources for the class. Prepare class sessions and assignments to help students grasp course content and how it integrates with overall student learning outcomes for the course
  • Deliver the course as per the prescribed credits for the programme/ University norms and guidelines.
  • Develop, promote and evaluate the use of innovative assessment methods. Provide timely feedback and assessment of coursework and examinations.
  • Provide general support and guidance to students, resolving issues and/or referring to experts, where appropriate.
  • Assist students undertaking research projects as appropriate

General Responsibilities

  • To develop and lead pedagogic developments relating to learning and teaching to a level recognised externally for excellence.
  • To produce scholarly pedagogic publications, disseminating findings across IFIM and externally.
  • To promote innovative approaches to learning and teaching related activities across IFIM and externally.
  • To maintain an external profile within learning and teaching or own subject area at a level appropriate to the discipline.
  • To have a significant role in the strategic development of the curriculum and learning and teaching / student support policies.

Performing, leading and publishing research in their field

  • Develop the strategic direction within own research area
  • Promote the integration of own research area with other research interests within and, as appropriate, outside the school and faculty.
  • Take part in knowledge transfer activities, where appropriate and feasible.
  • Contribute to the enhancement of research quality and thinking in the field by being involved in quality assurance, external decision making bodies, research councils, groups and subject associations.
  • To lead/co-ordinate research activity in the subject including determining relevant research objectives, and preparing research proposals.
  • Work on research and collaborative partnerships with other educational institutions or other bodies.
  • Write or contribute to publications or disseminate research findings using other appropriate media.
  • Make presentations at national and international conferences and similar events.
  • Provide feedback and contribute to peer assessment.
  • Update knowledge and understanding in area of specialization

Institution Building activities

  • Contribute to the efficient management and administration of the Faculty, IFIM and the wider academic community by
    contributing to the overall work at IFIM and/or equivalent external organisations by representing IFIM and faculty on appropriate committees and groups and Lead or participate in major initiatives or areas of work (e.g., one-off projects) as required.
  • Be part of 2-3 working committees for Policies & Resources, Standards and Audit Committees, anti-ragging committee, discipline committee, examination committee, library committee, etc
  • Participates in faculty meetings and staff meetings serve on committees and participate in other activities such as fests, convergence, confluence, etc. at IFIM.
  • Maintain a safe work environment, including ensuring compliance with all university/ accreditation board’s requirements.

Mentor & Assess Students

  • Be accessible to students outside the classroom, providing counseling and mentoring students in matters related to academic success & life goals
  • Document students’ attendance, participation, and academic progress by giving and grading assignments, projects, quizzes and/or examinations that lead to a final grade.

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Position : Manager Alumni Association

Reporting to :

Key Purpose of the Job :
We are currently looking for a driven and dedicated individual to fulfill the key purpose of the Alumni Association- Manager role within our organization. The primary objective of this position is to proactively cultivate and maintain robust connections with our esteemed alumni community. Your responsibilities will encompass actively facilitating meaningful engagement and streamlined communication among our alumni and efficiently coordinating a diverse range of alumni-focused initiatives. The ideal candidate will possess exceptional interpersonal proficiencies, a keen eye for detail, and the capacity to operate both autonomously and harmoniously within a team setting.

Educational Qualification:
Graduate from a relevant field such as communications, marketing, public relations, or business administration. A master’s degree is a plus.

Experience required:
3 years experience in the relevant field such as Event Management

Key Responsibilities

  1. Alumni Engagement
    Develop and maintain relationships with the institution's alumni network, ensuring consistent engagement and involvement in the institution's activities and initiatives.
  2. Communication and Outreach
    Create and implement effective communication strategies to keep alumni informed about institution updates, events, and opportunities via newsletters, social media platforms, and other relevant channels.
  3. Event Planning and Execution:
    Coordinate and organize alumni events, such as reunions, networking sessions, guest lectures, and career fairs, to facilitate meaningful interactions and networking opportunities for alumni, current students, and faculty.
  4. Alumni Database Management:
    Maintain an updated and accurate database of alumni information, including contact details, employment history, achievements, and other relevant data, using appropriate software or tools.
  5. Alumni Mentoring Program:
    Develop and manage a mentorship program to connect alumni with current students, providing guidance, advice, and career support to facilitate professional development.
  6. Alumni Surveys and Feedback:
    Design and administer surveys to gather feedback from alumni on their experiences, suggestions for improvement, and ideas for collaboration, and analyse the data to identify trends and areas of improvement.
  7. Alumni Recognition:
    Identify and celebrate alumni achievements and success stories through newsletters, social media posts, and other platforms to inspire and motivate the institution's community.
  8. Collaboration with Stakeholders:
    Collaborate with faculty, staff, and other key stakeholders to identify opportunities for alumni involvement in academic and co-curricular activities, guest lectures, and industry partnerships.
  9. Alumni Relations Reporting:
    Prepare regular reports on alumni engagement activities, including event participation, mentorship program outcomes, fundraising progress, and overall alumni satisfaction, to share with management and stakeholders.

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