Session at DPS Electronic City, Bengaluru

IFIM had a remarkable immersion session on 7th June at DPS Electronic City, Bengaluru.

Mr. Ashish Gupta, Director of Admissions and Outreach at IFIM, conducted an enlightening session on “Career Options after Class 12th and Future Skills” for our talented students.

The immersion session provided invaluable guidance and insights to help our students navigate their career paths with confidence. Mr. Gupta shared his vast knowledge and expertise, shedding light on the various career options available after completing Class 12th.

Students had the privilege of learning about emerging fields and future skills that are in high demand in today’s dynamic job market. The session was packed with practical advice, industry trends, and tips to develop the necessary skills to excel in their chosen professions.

We encouraged all students to make the most of this knowledge and guidance to explore their passions and make well-informed choices for a successful and fulfilling future. Remember, your dreams are within reach, and with the right guidance, you can soar to new heights!

A special thanks to the entire DPS Electronic City for making this immersion session a resounding success!

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