Exciting Field Work and Presentations by IFIM College BBA First-Year Students!

The students of IFIM College have accomplished an exceptional feat in their Management Principles and Practices course! They conducted extensive research and interviews with industry leaders to gain invaluable insights into leadership and its various theories.

Mr. Gaurav Nigam, a seasoned professional currently excelling as a Senior Field Marketer at Dell, shared his wisdom on leadership during an insightful interview. He emphasized the importance of resilience, humility, and embracing new challenges as key attributes for success.

Ms. Richa Mathur, the Head of Supply Quality and Operations at Squadstack, brought her expertise to the table. Through her interview, she highlighted the significance of collaboration and effective task delegation in achieving organizational goals.

The students also had the privilege of interviewing Ms. Nishita Shetty, Head of the Community Growth and Management Team at “Viral Fission,” a thriving youth-based community platform with over 50K followers on social media. Her valuable insights on staffing and its implementation in the corporate world were truly enlightening.

This experience has been an incredible learning opportunity for our students, enabling them to delve deeper into these concepts while gaining real-world perspectives. Moreover, it has further developed their communication skills, expanded their professional networks, and contributed to their holistic growth. We extend our heartfelt congratulations to the students of IFIM College for their exceptional work and dedication! Keep pushing boundaries and exploring new horizons. Your future as leaders is looking brighter than ever!

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