IBLF Seminar at Infosys

 Following the tremendous success of the first three iterations of the India Business Literature Festival (#IBLF), BW Businessworld hosted the next IBLF on January 25, 2023 at The Lalit Ashok Bangalore.

The fourth edition of the IBLF brought together top nonfiction writers from India who have all made significant contributions to business, politics, economy, wellness, and personal coaching (self-development thought and practice). It brought together individuals with similar interests in literature that affect or may affect business theory and practise as well as individual theory.

IBLF introduced a world of fresh insights into business management and leadership, as well as incredibly helpful workshops and discussions for people wishing to advance their careers in a rapidly changing business climate. IBLF was an event that brought together renowned writers from the business world, CXOs, and other notable city administrators to present work that has had a profound impact on contemporary business philosophy and practices.

We had been exposed to fascinating sessions and insights from renowned first-generation business owners and leaders as well as next-generation change-makers thanks to IBLF.

The MBA class of 2022–24 had the chance to visit the Bangalore chapter of IBLF, where all of the authors are thought leaders in their respective industries and presented their distinctive viewpoints. Their publications offered insightful information and were readable collections of life experiences. These dialogues offer something for everyone to learn, whether they are interested in leadership, innovation, or just knowledge.

It is common knowledge that when one advances in seniority within an organisation, reading time becomes ever more limited. The IBLF concept urged that we re-establish reading as a habit among CXOs. It is simpler for senior leadership to encourage young professionals in their organisation to adopt the same behaviour once they form the habit of ongoing reading and learning.

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