Fun Fiesta

 Fun Fiesta 2023 ended with a bang!

The second day of the pre-Kanyathon event was ‘Cinema Day,’ and it was a huge success! Led by the CSR Secretary and Cultural Secretary, the day started with the launch of the IFIM Band, and their performance was simply amazing.

The IFIM’S Got Talent competition in the amphitheater was a huge hit, with students showcasing their singing, dancing, poetry recitals, and stand-up comedy skills.


to Siri from IFIM College for winning the 1st prize, and Prateek Tiwari from IFIM College for securing the 2nd prize.

The student ramp walk for the best-dressed male and female contestants was a highlight of the day, and we are thrilled to announce Riddhi from IFIM School of Law and Abhinav from IFIM College as the winners.

The day ended with a prize distribution ceremony for the winners of the two-day pre-Kanyathon event, and everyone had a great time dancing the night away at the DJ Night arranged in the IFIM garden.

We want to give a special shoutout to the CSR Secretary and Cultural Secretary for leading this fantastic event, and Prof. Bovina, Prof. Rahul, and Prof. Niji from PEP department for their guidance and support.

Thank you to everyone who made Fun Fiesta 2023 a success, and we hope to see you at Kanyathon 2023 !
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