-Aishwarya G, Narmadha Ragunath, Shreyas Rao, Prof. Shagufta Anjum and Prof. Sharu Anna John

Ever wondered why some graduates from entirely different backgrounds end up choosing law as their path? In this blog, we introduce you to three intriguing stories of graduates who’ve recently embarked on their legal journey. From Science to Arts, and everything in between. Their reasons for choosing law are as diverse as their academic backgrounds. Join us as we explore their captivating motivations for embracing the world of justice and advocacy.

“From Labs to Courtrooms”
What made you choose law school? The answers to this question are often quite cliché for students of law. Most often, you’ll hear “I’ve always been passionate about taking up law”, “My dad wanted me to study this”, or “I don’t know why I’ve chosen this”. Well, I’d also say something similar (no, I do not have a super exciting, life-changing experience that made me choose law). For someone who has studied science all their life, majoring in subjects such as physics, chemistry, and math, choosing law seems quite odd. It took me three months before I graduated to decide to pursue a legal career path (so don’t freak out if you haven’t made up your mind yet; it’s never too late), but after learning more about the legal field, I came across the multitude of career options it had under its ambit. You’ll look even better if you’re a science graduate or someone from a different discipline than law since it just broadens your skill set and makes your CV look more impressive :). But it’s not all about the serious stuff; it’s also about ethics and finding your inner advocate. It’s not unusual for a science graduate to choose law. It’s a unique and diverse path to take, especially if you have a knack for research and storytelling. The truth is, there’s a lot of common ground between the two. Both fields require critical thinking, problem-solving, and a passion for justice. Plus, the combination of science and law can lead to exciting career opportunities in areas like, AI, patent law or environmental law. So, don’t be surprised if more science grads follow your lead into the world of law—it’s a smart and fascinating choice! I definitely do not regret taking up this line of academia, and so far, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the journey.

“My Cup of Tea”

Though law is an easy decision to make as an Arts graduate, in my case it wasn’t much of an easy one. I studied P.C.M.B. in the first year of my pre-university (definitely a willful decision, that my parents didn’t decide for me), which turned out to be like one of those scary rides in an amusement park that I never sat on as a kid. Arts was where my heart was always, fine arts and sports is where I shined. For the rebellious kid that I was, I wanted to stand my ground, show my parents that I could ace at anything I had interest in and… BANG!!! I chose Arts. I switched my streams, from Science to Arts in the second year and ranked 1st in my transfer batch.
After all of this happened, I took up a job as an Esports player (leading a team of four players), just to prove myself that I could do anything I put my mind to. I helped contribute to making the player-contracts more balanced. This was when I decided to pursue Law, not just for me, but to contribute to making fair and real conditions for people of the corporate world. I enrolled myself into this 3-year LL.B course, which I am devoted to and which is keeping me focused at what I aim to achieve for myself in the future. I do not regret stepping into this field one bit, in fact I am loving the company of law.
All of this is to say that the most obvious of choices can be difficult to make too, but once you make them there is nothing you cannot do. Law is definitely My Cup of Tea; it can be yours too.

“Beyond Balance Sheets”

After graduating with a commerce degree, my path to a career was anything but linear. I took exploration through the intricate landscapes of Economics, Human Resource Development and Youth Leadership, yet I remained restless. My heart craved for something more profound.
As the sun was setting on my career indecision, I made a pivotal choice to pursue a career in Law. With utmost confidence, I launched into this exhilarating new phase of my life as a first-year LLB student, embarking on an exciting journey of knowledge and advocacy. I hold a steadfast conviction that the realm of legal education will empower me to be a formidable advocate for those whose voices often go unheard, fortifying my unwavering passion for this impactful pursuit.
The school of law is a world of new experiences, rigorous studies and profound challenges. With resolute determination, I wholeheartedly embrace this journey. The aspiration to lend my voice to the marginalized, the oppressed, and the voiceless has ignited an impassioned flame within me.

Through my dedication and hard work, I have begun to craft the foundation of my future as a lawyer. I have understood that my commerce background, coupled with newfound legal knowledge, would be the perfect blend that can be a powerful combination to make a difference. With each passing day, I am moving closer to my dream of making a difference, “one case at a time”.
In my journey, you can find not just a career choice but a calling, a passion, and a commitment to justice and positive change. My story is an invitation for others to explore the fascinating world of law and discover their own unique path within it. If you’re seeking a career that combines intellect, compassion, and the power to create change, Law Is the Perfect Path for You.

The field of law is a vibrant and dynamic one, made up of students from diverse backgrounds weaving their unique threads into the tapestry of legal careers. As diverse as the world itself is, this journey has transformed their lives and painted the legal canvas. A law degree is a great choice, like a boot camp for skill building. You become a critical thinker, a whiz at research, and a master communicator. It will become second nature for you to manage time like a pro. Not only does it shape your skills to the maximum, it also shows and prepares you for the real world.

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