Mr. Venugopal N

Assistant Professor, Department of Arts

Area: Psychology

Mr. Venugopal N is a teacher for more than a decade and he is pursuing his Doctoral research in Psychology (Indian and Organizational Psychology). He has been in teaching profession for more than 12 years for both under graduate and post graduate level. He has submitted his Doctoral thesis successfully and cleared NET. He has interned in recognized mental asylums such as Manasa Mental health asylum and has the Post graduate diploma in Psychological assessment and counselling from mental health ministry.

His main areas of interest are Biological Psychology, clinical psychology, OB, Indian Perspective and Social psychology. He is a professional counsellor for IFIM.

He has attended various works hops and conferences and has also presented many research papers and awarded best paper presentation. Also, he has published research papers in various international and peer reviewed journals.

Educational Qualification:

  • M.Phil. in Psychology
  • Masters in Psychology
    Tumkur University, Tumkur
  • Bachelor of Arts
    Bangalore University, Tumkur

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