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Student Life

Invocation of art and entertainment is as important as the facilitation of routine curriculum. We at IFIM Business school strive to maintain the right balance as we understand that a blend of these elements play a pivotal role in developing a student’s identity. A Student Council, set up by the elected student representatives which is overseen and supervised by the Chairperson - Student Affairs, expedites various extra academic activities through the year.

The environment and culture of IFIM Business School is geared to handle students with:

  • Dramatically different beliefs and philosophies.
  • Widely divergent expectations.
  • A high focus on academics, conservative and middle of the road approach to cultural activities.
  • Different personalities and orientations.
  • An adventuresome spirit.

IFIM aims at empowering the students to realise their potential and emerge as confident, well-groomed, well-informed individuals. Learning at the Institute is facilitated through classroom discussions, case studies, live projects and interactions with experts from the industries, allowing the prospective managers to bring the best out of them and inculcate the art of effective management.

The Institute also ensures, apart from the academic development, overall physical development. With a state-of-the-art gymnasium at the hostel along with yoga trainers, the Wellness program ensures complete well-being of the student at all times, Other sports activities, both indoor and outdoor, are well utilized and are a great source of recreation and entertainment.


To maintain the Industry – Connect, IFIM Business School students are mentored by “live” Corporate Professionals, who bridge the gap between the classroom and the real world, so that the students are more industry – ready. Mentoring focusses on student career planning and development, entrepreneurship advice and support, employability development, career transitions and work life ethics.

IFIM Business School has launched this Industry Mentorship Program to transform its students into aspiring leaders. Live mentors and veterans from the industry visit the IFIM campus to council, guide and keep molding the students to convert them into industry –ready professionals. The mentors will help the mentees with coaching, career planning, entrepreneurship development and balancing work-life ethics to make them real world leaders who are continuously employable.

IFIM believes that mentoring is a symbiotic and synergetic relationship with mutual benefits for both the mentor as well as mentee. Besides aiding the students with employability development and career transitions, each student’s mentor will receive recognition as a thought leader and expert who is providing exposure to fresh management ideas by shaping young minds to create a better India. The students too, benefit immensely as they will be regularly receiving expert advice throughout the program on how to achieve their dreams. Besides, they get a unique opportunity to be part of the one-on-one counselling with industry experts to cultivate their strengths, overcome weaknesses, make informed career choices and improve their skills and knowledge base.

PEP (Personality Enhancement Program)

This course runs for the entire duration of the program and it focuses on life skills and wellness.

LIFE-SKILLS: This course deals with the dynamics of personality development and then proceeds to guide students in comparing themselves to the ideal so that they will become more aware of their personality short comings. Activities are also meant to deepen their self-realization and self-awareness as they reflect on their existing value, attitude, belief system, life philosophy, paradigms and perceptions and they discover how all these influence their present behavior, success and career in the industry . IFIM believes that today, the corporate is looking towards various ways of differentiating between “Continuously Employable students” and “just-do-the-job students” and the biggest differentiating factor in that aspect is the holistic personalities of each and every student. The program helps to develop these kinds of personalities that will determine a perception of delivering from day one, in the minds of the corporate.

LIFESTYLE: To be a successful corporate citizen, having great knowledge about your domain or having sound leadership qualities or being an excellent communicator, may not be good enough. What one requires is also a healthy body as well as a healthy mind. The uniqueness of IFIM’s curriculum is that every student will have to undergo a rigorous course of wellness (Lifestyle Management) from the day they join the Institute. Every student gets exposed to a wide variety of activities, effectively grouped, term wise, depending upon the various stages of physical body and mind development. Students also have to undergo some extremely effective team building activities and some classroom sessions to boost their level of awareness about various social evils like effects of smoking / drinking, importance of a balanced diet, nutrition, etc.

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