Placements at IFIM

"I see IFIM as one of those educational institutes that thrives towards excellence by investing a lot of time and resources into developing 'industry ready' leaders. The key differentiating factor of IFIM's success is its focus to nurture students on 'Employability of Skills'."

Nagaraj Muppalla,
AVP, India Delivery at Xerox

"In our journey of transitioning into a Small Finance Bank, we were looking for management trainees who are grounded, dedicated and ready to take up any kind of challenges. Looking forward to have a long engagement with IFIM and their students."

Bhavesh Patel,
Senior Manager -Human Capital – Janalakshmi Financial Services

"I had a good session with the B School students during the mock interview sessions. The students showed a lot of interest to understand what is expected from the corporate world. There were definitely a few sparks who could be developed as good future leaders. So it’s important that they listen and take guidance of their Seniors and Faculty to move ahead in their career."

Krishnaprasad N,
Talent Acquisition, 3 M India Limited

"We have visited IFIM and were quite pleased with the entire process. The process was flawless and the quality of the students made our task very difficult. They were able to display theoretical concepts coupled with a practical know- how of the industry. Kudos to IFIM !"

Amit Kumar Sharda,
Manager - Human Resources, Cavinkare Pvt LTD.

"I would say IFIM is a treasure of talented candidates. We have recruited IFIM students for Byju’s GRE and GMAT marketing and sales departments. Being a company that is into innovation and creativity we found that IFIM students are quick learners and adapt to all challenges. I would definitely recommend IFIM students to other recruiters too."

Krishnakumar K. A.,
Manager, Byju's Classes

"We at Actuant always endeavor to hire the agile talent to support our growth strategy and meet our global requirements. This year we hired IFIM student and found the quality of talent is far superior. I am proud to say that IFIM Business School provides holistic education which helps the students to hone all necessary professional skills which they can apply with ease in the professional organization. I wish all the best to IFIM Management for their continuous effort in building the successful talent for the nation."

Ivy Saldanha,
Director - Human Resources, Actuant Corporation

"With my recent interactions and recruitment activities I learned that IFIM is one of the best B Schools in the region. The focus of the institution to prepare the students to meet the industry expectation is commendable. The curricular and extracurricular activities scheduled in the institution would definitely help the students to improve the quality and meet the expected standards. My good wishes for the future batches."

Vidyaranya Kollipal,
Senior Manager - Human Resources, Mphasis Ltd.

"IFIM is doing a great job as far as readying the students for the industry is concerned. The interactions with industry experts (in the form of mentoring sessions, among others) is doing a lot of good I feel. This is very clearly demonstrated by the students during the Group Discussions and Personal Interviews. Other than that, conceptual clarity is an added bonus."

Nandini Bhattacharjee,
Assistant Manager-Human Resources, Orient Cements

"IFIM is creating a new generation of PGDM students. HOLISTIC education at its best! I am happy to associate and wish to visit and hire fresh talents in future as well."

Adrianne Dominic,
Head - Campus Branding and University Relations, Practo Technologies

"Been associated with IFIM for a couple of years now, informally in the capacity of Corporate-Academia Relationship Executive.The hospitality extended by the institution has been exceptional. Catapulting careers of the students hired from IFIM, is indicative of the quality of students that are graduating from this intuition.This definitively is proportional to the expertise & scholarliness of the faculty that are nurturing these pupil!."

Udaya Kumar Kannan,
Manager - Talent Acquisition, Hinduja Global Solutions

Batch 2016 – 2018

Batch 2015 – 2017

BATCH 2017-19 : Key Recruiters

Ongoing Process

BATCH 2016-18 : Key Recruiters

Average Salary offered: Rs. 7.5 lacs

BATCH 2015-17 : Key Recruiters

Average salary offered as 7.5

Companies are invited to the campus and to select students, either for the IIP or for Final Placements, or both, at a mutually convenient day/time. Once students get an offer for an Internship from an organisation, they cannot try for the same with other organisations, either through the Placement Cell or on their own. If they receive an offer for Final Placement, they cannot continue to be part of the placement process. Once they get an offer, a decision must be taken by the student and formally communicated to the Placement Cell, who will then inform the companies accordingly.

  • Introduction
  • Pre-Placement Talk
  • Expression of Interest Form (to be filled up by the student, after the PPT)
  • Written Test (if any), Group Discussion, Personal Interview
  • Final Offer

The Placement Cell coordinates the entire process on campus and provides all the facilities required by the companies for the pre-placement and recruitment procedure. IFIM ensures a friendly placement process and support. It gives the students an opportunity to select a career in their chosen area of interest and the recruiters a chance to choose the right candidate as per their requirements.

For more details, Contact

Mr. Suraj Srivastava
Assistant Vice President- Corporate Relations


+91- 9900021406


IFIM’s Corporate Mentorship 

Mentoring is a proven approach to drive rich learning and development for both mentee and mentor. It tends to focus on the future, and broader skills for personal or career development of the mentee. The idea behind IFIM’s corporate mentorship program is that the more successful, senior partner, the mentor, wishes to pass on some of what they’ve learned to someone else who will benefit from their experience.   

The Academic intervention help the students develop their subject knowledge, and the mentoring process will help them understand the real-world implications. Mentees gets an opportunity to learn new skills and process’ followed in corporate world while studying at the institute. Students get to learn the practical approach of the theory under the guidance of the mentors. The entire process begins with Individual Corporate Mentors from the industry having one-on-one sessions with the students, and giving the specific task, aligned with corporate work culture. After understanding and guiding them in choosing their career options, the mentors help students identify the gap between their aspirations & the reality. 

Benefits of Corporate Mentoring to Mentee 

Receiving expert advice to achieve his/her dream

Through the corporate mentorship platform, the mentee gets an opportunity to speak his/her mind out in front of their respective corporate mentor. The mentors in turn guide & direct them to choose the best career path.

Discussing & sharing ideas

This program aims to give active learning experience, where mentee not just listen to the mentor but also put up their ideas and take on different corporate scenarios. Mentors actively share real life work cases which could be relevant to mentees.

Getting feedback & constructive criticism

Mentees get monthly performance feedback basis on the task given by the corporate mentors. Such ceaseless feedback helps them contour his/her goals, expectations, challenges, and concerns.  

Developing strength & overcoming weakness

As the session progresses the mentor identifies the strength and weakness of the mentee and provide specific tasks to overcome their fragility. This tweaks their self morale and transforms them into a more confident and better version of themselves. 

Opportunity to learn new skills & knowledge

Mentee can learn valuable skills from the mentor’s expertise and past mistakes and competencies, can be strengthened in specific areas. 

Enhancing self-esteem & confidence when interacting with senior leaders

Continuous mentoring sessions, assignments, presentations and industrial visits boost the self- esteem and confidence of the mentee in working with prominent industry leaders.

Mentee Speak

Benefits of being a Mentor 

Recognition as a thought leader

Mentoring enhances mentor’s profile and the profile of his organisation among University students and staff. As thought leaders become more recognised as the experts in their field, their ideas and opinions carry greater weight, allowing them to increase their influence within the industry. 

Professional development

The role of a mentor is to encourage the personal and professional development of their protege by sharing their expertise and knowledge. The experience gained by mentoring someone can facilitate his/her own professional growth, making them more of an asset to their organization. Mentoring allows mentors to strengthen their coaching and leadership skills by working with individuals from different backgrounds and with different personality types.

Personal satisfaction of contributing to the society

The essence of mentoring is a sustained human relationship that shows young professionals that they are valued as people and important to society. They obtain personal satisfaction from making a difference to the career development of another person. 

Exposure to fresh management ideas

Mentoring can give a fresh perspective on mentor’s performance. Asking questions to the mentee often supports deeper insights on mentor’s own learning path and achievements. 

Enjoyment stipulation, challenge of working with millennials

Working with a mentee, particularly one outside of your own organization, provides an opportunity to practice necessary skills, including empathy and active listening. 

    Who can be a Mentor?

  • Someone who is passionate about mentoring
  • Who has significant corporate experience
  • Who likes to be a coach and a friend
  • Who wants to contribute to shape the destiny of ‘Future India’

Mentor Speak 

Would you like to be a corporate mentor?  

Fill in your details, and we will get back to you soon.

Industry Internship Program

Unlike other business schools, that follow the conventional 6- 8 weeks summer internship program, IFIM has a unique internship model which spans over 4.5 months.

The IIP is completely integrated into the curriculum of the program and carries around 20 credits. The students become eligible for the IIP only after successful completion of all other courses, amounting to 90 credits. Thus for the recruiting company these students have already completed all coursework that is expected from a graduating student. The entire 5th term is devoted to the IIP, after students complete 4 terms on campus.


Unlike other business schools, that follow the conventional 6- 8 weeks summer internship program, IFIM has a unique internship model which spans over 4.5 months.

The IIP is completely integrated into the curriculum of the program and carries around 20 credits. The students become eligible for the IIP only after successful completion of all other courses, amounting to 90 credits. Thus for the recruiting company these students have already completed all coursework that is expected from a graduating student. The entire 5th term is devoted to the IIP, after students complete 4 terms on campus.


  • Provide a transitioning bridge between theory and practice for the students.
  • Enable a 'laboratory experience' for the students to experiment and 'learn by doing', in a real work environment.
  • Ensure greater access to the faculty who offer student mentorship & evaluation to make them industry-ready during the internship.
  • Create a longer connect between the faculty and the industry, for assessing the outcomes delivered during the program and to fine tune it to meet industry requirements.
  • Help forge strong relationships with the corporate for the institute.
  • Enhance the 'currency of knowledge' through faculty engagement with the corporate.


Since its inception, the IIP has benefited all 3 stakeholders- the PGDM interns, the companies and the institute.

Here are some of the gains from the program:

  • Most of the internships culminate with full time job offers. Owing to students’ primary choice of company and interested area,The final rate of conversion of IIP to final placements remains at about 46%. (This is because for many of the students, their first choice of company and area was not their IIP company).
  • 65 companies have partnered with IFIM so far, from diverse sectors. The list is growing in both size and stature.
  • The IIP has enabled seamless transition of students to industry-ready productive employees.
  • Students have given positive feedback on the benefits of IIP and their learning experience.
  • Contribution of the students has been acknowledged by the companies.
  • IIP companies have facilitated faculty in getting consulting projects and training programs. It has also helped faculty to develop case studies and research projects.
  • Some of the IIP partners have been ‘start-up companies’ that have been incubated in the IFIM Campus and have recruited the students.
  • The IIP initiative also won an award for ‘Industry-Institute Engagement’ at the Indian Management Conclave (IMC) 2013, organised by MBA Universe.

Industry Internships for 2015-17 Batch

Centre for Continuous Employability

The centre was established to fulfil the mission of ensuring lifelong employability for the students of JAGSOM by aligning the learning outcomes of academic programs in JAGSOM to the Industry needs. We believe that Continuous Employability requires an individual to consistently augment one’s inherent abilities to remain in demand. Thus, we help all current and past students in skilling, up skilling and re skilling themselves.


  • Placements for existing students & alumni
  • Industry Internship Program for existing students
  • Developing and delivering corporate programs
  • Alumni relations & assistance


CCE also conducts many short duration certification programs in the various areas of management. For most of these programs we have partnered with leading corporate and certifying bodies.

The exhaustive list of the certification programs is presented below:

  • Sales Management
  • Negotiation Skills
  • Personality Enhancement Program
  • Collaborative Working
  • IFIM­ IBM Program on Data Analytics
  • National Stock Exchange (NSE) CCMP ­ in partnership with Prabhudas Leeladhar
  • Certified Management Accounting
  • Financial Risk Management
  • Dalal Street Investment Journal (DSIJ) Stock Market Course


We also offer customised services for our corporate clients. A few services are listed below:

  • Employee induction program for freshly recruited employees
  • Short/ medium term programs specially designed to address specific knowledge and skill related areas of clients
  • Programs designed for helping employees achieve certification
  • Data Analytics, Brand Management and Marketing, Shopper Marketing, Equities, Derivatives and financial markets, Change Management, Quality systems, Supply Chain Management


We believe that any student who takes admission at IFIM enters into a lifelong relationship with us. We value and nurture this relationship. The twin objectives of the Alumni Relations Cell is to maintain good relations with our alumni and assist them in their future endeavours.

The key activities of this cell are:

  • Maintain the alumni database and update it continuously
  • Interact with the alumni on a regular basis
  • Help the alumni in job search and career guidance
  • Organise alumni event


Mr. Suraj Srivastava
Assistant Vice President – Corporate Relations
Mob: +91-9900067705

25 years of leadership development

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