Ms. Muskaan Dargar

Teaching Assistant

Growing up as a child, Muskaan always wanted to be an academician, given the role of an attorney for the mock trial, in her 8th grade is when she realized the importance of legal studies and the thought of pursuing a law degree solidified her mind. Muskaan completed her BBA LL.B program from UnitedWorld School of Law, Gandhinagar. She played an active role as a Secretary to the Moot Court Society and has also organized various events like MUNs and seminar. To deepen her legal knowledge and to become more proficient in Corporate and Financial Laws, she is pursuing her masters from OP Jindal University. At IFIM, Muskaan is Teaching Assistant to the Dean of the institution and a part of the Academics Team. Alongside, she is also assisting the Law School in the Admission Department.

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