Dr. M Mahadeva

Professor, Department of Management

Area: Research & Development

Dr M. Mahadeva has joined IFIM recently as a Professor. He has both teaching and research experience of about two decades and academic administrative experience for over fifteen years. He obtained all three of his degrees from the University of Mysore (1916), including the PhD in Economics (1987- 93) on the theme “Market and Economics” under the guidance of an eminent Economist Professor C.K Renukarya. Since 1992, he was a research faculty of Economics in the Centre for Economic Studies and Research and the Centre for Agricultural Development and Rural Transformation, at the Institute for Social and Economic Change (ISEC), Bangalore. During the stint, he was nominated for the five international fellowships awards by the Commonwealth Commission (2008), Shastri Indo-Canadian Institute (2001), Indo-Dutch Programme in Alternative Development (1997) and Indian Council for Social Science Research (2010 & 1998). He was a visiting academic fellow in the University of Bristol, UK (December 2008 - April 2009), University of Toronto, Canada (October 2000- January 2001), Institute for Housing and Urban Studies, (December 1997- January 1998), Institute of Social Studies, The Netherlands (November-December 2010) and Maison Des Science De L’ Homme, France (December 1998). He served at the Planning Commission of India as the Chairman of the Sub-Committee (Twelfth Five Year Plan), Member of the Working Group (Twelfth Five Year Plan), Member of the Steering Committee (Twelfth Five Year Plan) and Member of the Mid-Term Appraisal (Eleventh Five Year Plan). Also, he was the Director of the Board of Management for State Bank of Mysore (Now SBI) from June 2003- November 2006. He has extensively published targeting the academics and general public, covering the areas of housing poverty and deprivation, housing market and housing development players, financial exclusion and inclusion policies, human settlement in urban and rural contexts of the poor and vulnerable households. Apart from guiding doctoral dissertations in Economics leading to PhDs, he has engaged himself as a subject expert and served in various committees/commissions at the regional and national levels.

Educational Qualification:

  • Ph.D. – Economics
    Name of the University: University of Mysore
    Location: Mysore, Karnataka
  • PG - Master of Arts (Economics)
    Name of the University: University of Mysore
    Location: Mysore, Karnataka
  • UG - Bachelor of Arts (Economics, Cooperation & Public Administration)
    Name of the university: University of Mysore
    Location: Mysore, Karnataka


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