10K Run Pro – Competitive

Registration Fee Rs. 900

3K Kids Run

Registration Fee Rs. 500

5K Fun Run – Non-Competitive

Registration Fee Rs. 500

5K Corporate mix (3 men + 1 woman)

Registration Fee Rs. 2500

What Are We Doing This Year?

IFIM Institutions is back with the 9th edition of its flagship event “Kanyathon”, on March 1st 2020, at Electronic City Phase 1. It is an event from the students, by the students and CRY (Child Rights and You) for the cause of “Saving the girl child” and “Women empowerment”. This charity fund raiser is hosting a Corporate Challenge and a 3K kids run along with its 5K fun run and 10K runs. We have divided the 10k run into two separate subgroups, a 10k Pro run, a competitive run for professionals and a 10k Timing Run, a non-competitive run. The first prize for the 10k Pro Run is Rs. 25,000, the second prize is Rs. 15,000. The prize for the Corporate Challenge is Rs. 20,000.

The event aims at bringing to light the unjust exploitation happening against the girl child and the women of our country alongside promoting women empowerment.
Kanyathon began as an awareness campaign but through growing participation and the drive of the community, it has progressed into a successful fund raiser. The proceeds gathered from Kanyathon are donated to CRY (Child Rights and You), an NGO that believes in every child’s right to a childhood – to live, learn, grow and play. This year, IFIM Institutions and Kanyathon is proud to announce that the proceeds of the fund raiser will also go into the sustainable and impactful development of the villages IFIM has adopted in Kolar with the help of CRY.

Kanyathon 2020 will include Zumba, a Shiksha Aadhar performance and many more fun family and solo activities, apart from the marathon itself.

Every Kanyathon participant gets:
   1. Beverages and a light refreshment.
   2. A swanky T-shirt supporting the beautiful cause.

*Organizers reserve the right to amend the event.

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