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The Journalism Department of IFIM College conducts an event on ‘Advertising’

3rd March 2016

The Journalism Department of IFIM College conducted an association activity named ‘Advertising’ on March 3, 2016, in which the students had the choice to promote a concept or a product. The initiative of the event was taken by the Head of the Journalism Department, Dr. Ms. Pooja Basnett, along with Mrs. Nagarathana and Mr. Venugopal. The judges of the event were Mrs. Sharanya and Mr. Seshachalam who marked the teams out of 40 marks each.

The program started with Team A, who promoted a famous jewelry brand which showed a strong bond between two sisters. The participants for Team A were Ms. Pratibha Tiwari, Ms. Subhashree Pattanayak and Mr. Adhyyan Kumar Singh of first year, BA (J). Team B had a concept advertisement based on agriculture which is indeed a burning topic now. They presented how farmers are being affected by the Centre which allows foreign companies to invest in India by eradicating their farming lands. The participants were Mr. Dinesh R, Mr. Arun Pandian, Mr. Ronit Chakraborty and Mr. Sri Krishna of first year, BA (J). Team C, enacted about the current scenario of equality in India. This act was about how women and elderly persons are being treated in public places. The participants were Ms. Khushboo Singh, Ms. Victoria Chacko, Ms. Surbhi Singh, and Miss. Subhakankhi Ghoura of 2nd year, BA (J). Next came, Team D which acted on one of the major issues (i.e.) birth control. The act was about promoting the use of condoms which can control the population growth.

The participants were Mr. Abhishek Nigam, Mr. Gowtham and Mr. Mohammad Nizam of 2nd year, BA (J). Finally, Team E enacted on the issues regarding the state of ‘Third Gender and their Rights’ in India. Their show was about how the 3rd genders are deprived of their rights and considered as a shame for the society. The participants were Ms. Rari Krishna, Ms. Jyotsna Bharadhwaj, Ms. Shivika Gureja and Mr. Gowtham Gowda of 3rd year, BA (J). With that act, the ‘Advertising’ event came to an end. The judges were asked to give their views on each advt. and they went on further to announce the results. Team E who enacted on ‘3rd Gender Rights’ held the first position and the second position was held by Team A which enacted the jewelry ad.

The whole session was wrapped up with the vote of thanks given by Ms. Khushboo Singh of 2nd year, BA (J). She thanked all the team members for coming up with different acts and also, the judges for making the event more special. On the whole, the event was fun filled and enlightening.

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