Mr. Joshua P

Assistant Professor, Department of Management

Convener: Business Club & AURA - Cultural and Management Fest

Area: Marketing & Human Resource

Prof. A. Joshua has worked in the Domain of Marketing for over a Decade and has a commensurate Master’s degree from Bangalore University. Prof. Joshua has a wide array of intellectual pursuits spanning the fields of Marketing, Human Resource Management, Economics and Globalization. He is also pursuing a M.A in Economics from Annamalai University. Hailing from a family of Academicians, his passion towards teaching, coupled with the relevant experience in the Education Industry and a vision to infuse creative thinking in students, through his teaching, has helped him leapfrog in the field of Academics. He is currently the faculty convener of Business Club and Aura (the cultural and Management fest at IFIM).

Educational Qualification:

  • Master of Business Administration
    Bangalore University
  • Bachelor of Commerce
    CVR University

25 years of leadership development

The journey of IFIM Institutions