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Mr Jason Fox, Director - Mergers & Acquisition IBM Group and Mr. Kailash Rathi, Founder Zenify visits IFIM Campus

20th May, 2015

The collaboration between IFIM and IBM added a new feather to its hat on 20th May 2015, as the students of IFIM were introduced to IBM commerce. The elite guests were Mr. Jason Fox (Program Director, B2B Integration SAS client support) and he was accompanied by Mr. P Dasgupta (Career Education Program Director), Mr. Manas Senapati (Area manager), Mr. Pritesh (Commerce Team) and Mr. Amitava (Commerce Team).

Mr. Fox provided an insight about E commerce and how it is soon going to change the status quotient with the introduction of SMAC (Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud). They plan to make the customer shopping experience seamless and with positive sales experiences, manage evolving channels and interaction points across web, mobile and social or physical channels. Build smarter commerce and supply chains that are more efficient, demand driven and transparent and reduce complexity by synchronizing procurement, marketing, selling and service processes based on customer needs.

They also showered some brownie points on the current trend of the World of commerce and how it has started to integrate with sales, marketing, supply chain management and have become more customers centric. Customers are adapting themselves to the latest technologies and they expect immediate relevant engagement with speed business. IBM has associated with SAP in the form of technology in order to come up with solutions for personalized selling to customers by clubbing up digital marketing and traditional marketing.

They also spoke about how the customer’s individual needs are the major priority these days and around 72% of CEO’s are trying their best to understand; and mobile commerce will account for 24% of the total E- Commerce revenue earned by the end of 2017. IBM is working on giving personalized experience to customers.

The students as well as the professors took this as an amazing opportunity to bombard an array of questions relating to the E- Commerce introduction in India. There was also a trendy term called “Internet of Things” which was the lime light of the talk & how it is going to change our lives and they showcased a video on it.

Mr. Fox ended on a high note stating it’s the age of internet penetration and lets be prepared for it. He expressed his delight about his experience at IFIM and he is looking forward for more visits in the future to continue sharing new products and ideas with the students.

In the second half of the day, the students interacted with Mr Kailash Rathi, founder of Zenify. One of the greatest problems faced by people especially corporate in a city like Bangalore is finding an apartment. An apartment which is in a particular location such that commuting to work can be easy. Spending brokerage fee for the apartment which you are not satisfied with can be unacceptable. This is where Kailash Sathi and his co-founder friends of Zenify come in. Their mantra is to make renting in and renting out of an apartment easy. It should be as easy as booking a hotel room. In an interaction with the PGDM batch of 2014-16 Mr. Rathi talked about his entrepreneurial journey.

Kailash Rathi, an IIT Chennai alumnus of the 2008 batch, struck up the idea with his friends when he encountered all the problems a bachelor with a job would face while looking out for an apartment. Hailing from a small village in Bikaner, Rajasthan, he had the entrepreneurial blood running in him. He was a regular during the entrepreneur lectures in the IIT campus.

Zenify is aiming to be a billion dollar company in the next 5 years by 1 lakh properties under their radar. They are also trying to come up with a rental index which is not available in the public forum. The index would be a huge boon for the Indian customer who like the founders of Zenify in 2008 finds it difficult to rent in an apartment. Mr Rathi ended the session by giving a quote to live for – “Difficulty is opportunity for an entrepreneur”.

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