At IFIM Business School we believe in providing holistic and contemporary management education to our students with global perspective. To facilitate this we have designed Inbound and Outbound Exchange Programmes. These programmes widen students’ perspectives and help them understand the dynamics of management in other countries.

IFIM provides opportunities to international exchange students to undertake one term at the campus. This programme offers students new perspectives and a greater understanding of emerging economies.

With Outbound Exchange at IFIM, you gain global perspective into management and a chance to network with people around the globe. You get to participate in programmes with top ranked B-schools from across the world. This also provides you opportunities to get Joint Certification both from IFIM and International partner University.

In this regard IFIM Business School has signed up MOUs with leading B-Schools and Universities across the globe such as ESC Rennes School of Business, France; The Manchester Metropolitan University, UK; Plymouth University, UK; Fach Hochschule University of Applied Sciences -Lubeck University, Germany; Sheffield Hallam University, UK; Ghent University, Belgium; Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) School of Business, USA; Suleman Dawood School of Business, Lahore, Pakistan; University of Wollongong, Australia; President University, Indonesia; Jacksonville University, Florida, USA; ALBA Graduate Business School, Greece; New York Institute of Technology, New York, USA to facilitate student/faculty exchanges, collaborative research and consultancy assignments, and joint degree programs. Efforts are on to collaborate with few more Global Universities.

You will gain very useful international experience of studying with the students from diverse background/culture, getting short- term consulting assignments/research projects from the companies abroad and prepare you for the leadership positions in MNCs and Global companies.

Exchange Program

IFIM currently has arrangement for long-term and short-term programs with foreign partner institutes wherein IFIM students can complete a term or a degree/diploma. This is a must for being awarded PGDM-IB diploma. Equivalent credits are transferred from partner institute. Long term programs include Dual Degree, duration may last a year to more than one year. Short Term programs include Exchange Program and Term Study program. In these programs the duration of study at partner institutes may last from least 3 months to maximum 6 months.

Types of Exchange

Dual Degree

Students admitted into IFIM’s PGDM-IB program are eligible to apply for admission to foreign partner degree program. Students from other PGDM program streams like PGDM-F, PGDM-Gen etc. may also opt to enroll for dual degree program in foreign partner institute. However, they would be transferred to IFIM PGDM-IB stream. Students successfully completing (total program credits requirement) long duration study in partner institutes abroad will qualify for partner. © 2017, IFIM Business School for Internal use only 7 institutes’ standalone degree or diploma and such students’ successful completion of foreign partner institutes’ degree/diploma/ is a must for IFIM PGDM-IB diploma.

Term Exchange Program

All students enrolled for PGDM-IB program can opt for study under exchange program with any one of the several partner institutes. Students will normally undertake study for an equivalent term in courses offered in partner institutes. Successful completion of term is essential for completion of PGDM-IB program and award of diploma.

Term Study Program

Any student from any of the PGDM programs desiring to study a term in any one of the partner institutes abroad may opt for Term study program. It will also normally coincide with term IV of IFIM calendar. This option is available to all IFIM students on payment of fee to host institute. Successful completion of term at partner institute is mandatory for transfer of Credits to meet the requirements for the award of IFIM’s PGDM-Diploma as per statutory rules.


Partner Institute/University would facilitate students to get internship with companies visiting their campus. Students are also advised to proactively connect with companies and alumni or current students on their own to acquire internships and conversion to full-time hire. Foreign partner institute or IFIM is not liable for fetching internship or placement abroad. Alternatively, students can opt to take services of IFIM to undertake internship in India along with other resident students.

Eligibility & Modes Of Selection

  • Students admitted to IFIM are eligible to apply for all partner university/ institutes programs. Students will be selected based on their performance, financial capacity and no pending disciplinary issues or any police antecedents.
  • Selection and nomination will be done by Director, IFIM. Students can apply for multiple institutes or program and at any point only one program in any one institute will be provided by IFIM selection committee.
  • The decision of committee is final.
  • Some partner institutes may conduct additional test or interview before confirming nomination done by IFIM selection committee.
  • The acceptance and offer from partner institute is final and binding on students desiring to take exchange programs.


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