IFIM Law School


IFIM Law School is affiliated to the Karnataka State Law University (KSLU) and is approved by the Bar Council of India. At IFIM, the emphasis is on providing our students with a more holistic educational experience. The core curriculum is taught by experienced faculty members with foreign law degrees and is complemented by co-curricular as well as extra-curricular activities. Slowly but surely, we are developing a vibrant mooting and debating culture, with several students already having participated in international competitions. We also have a dedicated internship and placement cell that attends to students’ career goals and ensures their professional development. We have a world-class campus with state of the art infrastructure which facilitates ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) usage in the teaching-learning process. The law library, which is the heart of a law school, is also being curated and it already boasts of some excellent national and international legal titles. We also have excellent hostel and sports facilities, a fully quipped gym and professional trainers. All of this makes IFIM Law School a prime destination for legal education in the Silicon Valley of India.

Key Features:

  • IFIM Law School has received 15th ranking in the Careers360 Best Law School in India Survey 2019
  • 10th Best BB.A LL.B Program offered in India as per Careers360 Survey 2019
  • Industry focused Global Law School
  • Faculties from international law schools such as King's College London, London School of Economics, Queen Mary University of London, Chicago-Kent College of Law, New York Law School, University of East Anglia law school
  • Faculties from National Law schools in India such as NLSIU Bangalore, NALSAR Hyderabad, NUJS Kolkata, NLU Jodhpur and NLU Assam
  • International collaborations with Brooklyn Law School, USA
  • MoU signed with NLSIU Bangalore for activities related to research and academic growth
  • Renowned Global Visiting Professors from UK, France, USA, and International Court of Justice
  • 100% assistance in internships and placements


The IFIM Law School is spread over 2 acres of land and the infrastructure consists of a computer lab, an integrated Wi-Fi enabled campus, student activity areas such as a lounge and snack bar, 24 classrooms of varying seating capacities, three conference halls exclusively for Executive Development Programs, a centrally air-conditioned auditorium, an amphitheater, Placement office, admissions office and an administration department.

The IFIM hostel is located in close proximity to the main campus and it has excellent boarding facilities for students. The hostel has a state of the art gymnasium, open space for outdoor sports and facilities for indoor sports.

The brick and mortar infrastructure consists of modern campus facilities. The classrooms / lecture halls are of varying seating capacities. The Conference Halls have been exclusively designed for Executive Development Programs. A state of the art auditorium with a seating capacity of 250 is available for conducting conferences/ seminars and events. These elements facilitate modern day pedagogy in an ecosystem which emulates the high-profile corporate design.

The library of IFIM Law School is fully computerized and well equipped with modern facilities and resources in the form of books, print and e-journals, CD ROMs, online databases, project reports etc. the library provides extensive support for an efficient dissemination of knowledge to teaching, research and other programs of the college. Faculty and students can access online journals, current and past, using the facilities of the library.

In order to become a successful lawyer it is essential for a student to know how to apply the law he has learnt to a fact situation and to have awareness of the rules and the etiquettes of the Court. Moot Court is like the laboratories of law schools where theoretical knowledge is tested in real life situations. Realizing this, the IFIM Law School has been facilitating continuous training to the students to participate in Moot Court. The IFIM Law School Moot Court Hall can seat over 70 people. It has a state of the art projection system that allows international live broadcasting facilities in the hall which means that physical presence of teams isn't required for conducting moot court competitions.

Further, the Moot Court Hall is multi-functional unlike traditional Moot Court Hall's because the same room can be used to conduct legal webinars and seminars. Additionally, there is a provision to record the proceedings in the room. Currently, there are two HD projectors and several drop down screens in the hall further enabling union of digital technology with the field of law. IFIM Law School strongly promotes mooting as an essential activity amongst its students. In the first year itself, students have represented the college in prestigious international moots like the Philip C Jessup International Law Moot Court Competition, Manfred Lachs Space Law Moot Court Competition and have been quarter finalists in reputed National Moot Court competitions like the Bar Council of India Moot Court Competition, the 14th Surana National Corporate Law Moot 2016, the NLS Trilegal International Arbitration Moot (NLSIAM) 2016 etc.

The hostel is located on a lush two acre campus and is located within 2 kms radius from the college campus. Transportation to and fro from the hostel is available at the campus. The hostel campus is completely wi-fi enabled and has well equipped single/double occupancy rooms, made available on first-come-first-serve basis. Breakfast, lunch, dinner and tea are served on the hostel campus. Students interested in availing the hostel facility may indicate so during the time of admissions.

Facilities for indoor and outdoor sports like Football, Cricket, TT, Carom, Chess, Shuttle Badminton, Gym are made available for the students.

On call doctors are available 24X7 in the campus. The medical unit is equipped with amenities in order to counter a case of emergency. Hospitals are located near the campus and their services can be availed in case a student or faculty member is in need of advanced treatment or therapy.

Message from the Dean

Welcome to IFIM Law School, one of the leading private law colleges in the country!

Legal education in India is dynamically evolving these days. Studying Law has increasingly become a compelling career for students and many parents are encouraging them to pursue a degree in Law. Law students are looking at a wide variety of career options both nationally and internationally. In addition to practicing as lawyers, they are working in law firms, judiciary, civil services, MNCs, legal consultancies, international organizations, NGOs, and think tanks.

While some have taken to entrepreneurship, others with a flair for teaching and research have opted to be academics. At IFIM Law School we are nurturing tomorrow’s corporate lawyers. The pedagogy focuses on bridging the gap between theory and practice by offering practical exposure to students through law clinics and so on. The college’s strength lies in Corporate Law, Corporate Finance, Banking and Insurance Law, Competition Law, Trade Law, Environmental Law, Intellectual Property Law, Maritime Law, Alternative Dispute Resolution methods and other commercial laws. IFIM Law School also benefits from the expertise of the IFIM Business School and both institutes work in collaboration. This is where the law college innovates and introduces several new techniques.

IFIM offers the five years integrated B.B.A., LL.B. program and envisions to be a premier law school. It is already recognized by the industry for nurturing tomorrow’s corporate lawyers. IFIM aims to create socially responsible thought leaders in different fields of law and contribute to nation building. At IFIM we focus on the Socratic method of teaching, equip students with research and writing skills along with mooting and advocacy skills. Additionally, IFIM is uniquely located in the centre of the corporate hub of Electronic City, Bangalore, the Silicon Valley of India. The college boasts of close corporate connections that helps it find internships and placements for its students. The dynamic faculty conducts in depth research and bring in a great body of knowledge to the classroom. The library, classrooms, moot court are digitally connected, making IFIM one of the most technologically advanced campuses in India. The excellent hostel facilities provide ample space to students to spend quality time relaxing in the evening and on weekends. The infrastructure is truly international.

There is a strong mooting and debating culture on campus. The students also actively take part in various environmental awareness campaigns in the neighborhood and eminent speakers often visit and interact with students to discuss various important legal issues. The uniqueness at IFIM lies in the mentorship that is given to individual students. It is a small community of like-minded faculty and students that aim to create a niche in the field of corporate and commercial laws. At the end of five years we aim to bring lawyers with a sense of business management. Five years to get a degree is a long journey and at IFIM we aim to make it a memorable one.

Board of Governors

Mr. Sanjay Padode
Secretary - CDE Society, Bangalore
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Prof. M. S. Lakshmi Narayanan
Controller of Academic Governance
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Dr. Venugopal. B.S
Principal-IFIM Law School
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Prof. (Dr.) Ranbir Singh
Governing Council Member, IFIM Law School
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Col. Rajesh Jasial
Project Head, Get Ahead, IFIM

Prof. Waseem Khan
Principal, Al-Ameen College of Law.

Dr. Chidananda Reddy S. Patil
Professor Karnataka State Law University

Dr. Pratima Prabhakar
Principal, CMR Law College

Dr. Omprakash V Nandimath
Professor of Law & Registrar(NLSIU)

Dr. Anindya Sircar
Associate Vice President & Head of IP Cell, Infosys Ltd., Bengaluru

Mr. Partha Mandal
Managing Partner, Universal Legal - Bangalore

Mrs. Bindu Sharma
Founder & CEO Origin IP Solutions, LLP Bangalore

BBA., LL.B. (Full-time; Five years Integrated; Affiliated to KSLU and approved by BCI)

This is a prestigious offering/program of the IFIM group-a five year integrated course leading to the award of BBA-LLB of Karnataka State Law University (KSLU). Recruiters tend to prefer an integrated five year program; experts in academia too believe that such a course will produce professionals who will be industry-ready to take up various challenges in an ever-evolving job market. The course has been devised and structured by KSLU.

LL. B. (Full time: Three years: Affiliated to KSLU and approved by BCI)

IFIM Law School takes pride to launch the 3 Year LL.B. Program for the academic year 2019-2020. At IFIM, the emphasis is on providing our students with a more holistic educational experience. The 3 Year LL.B. course is designed to nurture continuously employable professionals and industry ready. To achieve the goal the students in addition to attending the regular classes will be trained to develop their soft skills and research skills through Personality Enhancement Program (PEP) and Research Incubation (RI). Also, the Social Immersion Project (SIP) plunges the students in a real-life problem and overcome it in the best of the ability of the students. The target by the end of the 3 years course is to make a student ready to take up areas which fits into their skill set such as Judiciary, Corporate, Banking, Litigation, Academics so on and so forth.


In order to become a successful lawyer it is essential for a student to know how to apply the law he has learnt to a fact situation and to have awareness of the rules and the etiquettes of the Court. Moot Court is like the laboratories of law schools where theoretical knowledge is tested in real life situations. Realizing this, the IFIM Law School has been facilitating continuous training to the students to participate in Moot Court. The IFIM Law School Moot Court Hall can seat over 70 people. It has a state of the art projection system that allows international live broadcasting facilities in the hall which means that physical presence of teams isn't required for conducting moot court competitions.

Further, the Moot Court Hall is multi-functional unlike traditional Moot Court Hall's because the same room can be used to conduct legal webinars and seminars. Additionally, there is a provision to record the proceedings in the room. Currently, there are two HD projectors and several drop down screens in the hall further enabling union of digital technology with the field of law. IFIM Law School strongly promotes mooting as an essential activity amongst its students. In the first year itself, students have represented the college in prestigious international moots like the Philip C Jessup International Law Moot Court Competition, Manfred Lachs Space Law Moot Court Competition and have been quarter finalists in reputed National Moot Court competitions like the Bar Council of India Moot Court Competition, the 14th Surana National Corporate Law Moot 2016, the NLS Trilegal International Arbitration Moot (NLSIAM) 2016 etc.

IFIM Law School students have participated in a large number of Moot Court competitions as listed below.

SL. No. Name of the Competition Level
1. Alliance National
2. Jessup International
3. Surana Corp National
4. Jessup International
5. BCI Moot National
6. Manfred Lachs International
7. Al-Ameen National
8. GH Raisoni National
9. Vaikunta Baliga College of Law National
10. NLSIU – Arbitration National

IFIM Law School students have participated in the following type of Moot Court competitions:

SL. No. Name of Competition
1 Philip C. Jessup International Law Moot Court Competition
2 Surana and Surana Corporate Law Moot Court Competition
3 Manfred Lachs International Air and Space Law Moot Court Competition
4 The Bar Council of India Trust National Moot Court Competition
5 The NLSIU Trilegal International Arbitration Moot Court Competition
6 UPES Dehradun Paras Diwan Energy Law Moot Court Competition
7 RGNUL Patiala National Moot Court Competition
8 The NIRMA University, Gujarat Model Indian Parliament
9 The Pro Bono Enviro International Moot Court Competition organized by the School of Excellence in Law, SASTRA University, Chennai
10 The NUJS Herbert-Smith International Corporate Law Moot Court Competition
11 GD Goenka University International Commercial

Internships & Placements

IFIM Law School is based in Electronics City, Bangalore, where some of the top recruiters in the country are located. There is a saying in the world of legal academia: a law school is only as good as its alumni. With this in mind, the aim of IFIM Law School is to produce lawyers who are employable, socially responsible and can adapt to a wide variety of roles and responsibilities in their chosen sphere.

We have a dedicated internship and placement cell which is tasked with obtaining internships for our students’ and placing them with lawyers, law firms, in-house legal departments, public policy thank-tanks and NGOs in their final semester. As soon as our students arrive, they will have one on one meetings with faculty members as well as the internship and placement coordinator to chart out a career path for them. Each student will be assigned a faculty mentor, and once they are clear about what kind of lawyer they want to be, every effort is made to ensure that they are exposed to their chosen field through apprenticeships.

As per Bar Council of India norms, students have to undertake 20 weeks of internship during the BBA. LL.B. course. There is an IFIM Law School Internship Cell (IC) functioning under the guidance of a faculty member to help the students find internships.

This Internship Cell (IC) is constituted in order to govern matters relating to internships for students of IFIM Law School and to ensure compliance with the rules, regulations and guidelines of the Institution. This policy of the IC is duly accepted and brought into action by the Principal, IFIM Law School on Aug 1 2016 and has been approved by the Executive council.

Objectives of the IC

  • Create awareness among students regarding available career options and help them in identifying their career objectives through internships.
  • Guide the students in developing skills and job-search strategies required to achieve their career objectives.
  • Identify suitable potential employers and place students with them as interns.
  • Organize activities concerning career planning.
  • Act as a bridge between students and potential employers.
  • Take feedback from industry and provide inputs for curriculum.

The functions of the IC are as follows:

  • To oversee, manage and regulate the internship program of IFIM Law School.
  • To coordinate with Centre for Continuous Employability for soliciting national and international internship opportunities.
  • To allocate internships for the students on the basis of their CGPA Rankings .
  • To ensure that every student undertakes his or her internship as per the guidelines of IFIM Law School.
  • To take disciplinary action against students who violate IFIM Law School’s “Code of Conduct for Interns”, laid out in this policy.

The duties and responsibilities of the Cell shall be as follows:

  • The cell shall look into all those matters pertaining to internships.
  • It shall keep the Academic Heads updated from time to time regarding the status of its functioning.
  • The communication between the student who seeks internship, the providing organisation and the institute shall be the sole responsibility of the cell and cannot be transferable to any other individual or group or to any other committee.
  • If the student is able to obtain an internship on his own, the cell shall initiate communications on behalf of the student with the concerned organization; in no case can the student undertake the internship without the prior approval of the Cell and Academic Heads. If the student undertakes the internship without such prior permission, it shall be treated as an act of indiscipline and suitable disciplinary action may consequently be initiated against such student or students by the cell.
  • The cell shall ensure that the student who is pursuing the internship shall abide by the rules and regulations of the institution and not violate the Code of Conduct for IFIM Law School Interns.
  • The validation of the student’s internship shall be made by the cell, with such report being submitted to the Academic Heads for the final validation.
  • The cell shall ensure that a healthy relationship with the law firms, individual advocates and the legal fraternity is cultivated.
  • The cell shall compile a database of all those organisations that are amenable to providing internships.
  • The cell shall function as per the expectations of the Academic Heads and shall inform the Academic Heads regarding any discrepancies pertaining to its functioning.
  • The cell shall aid the Academic Heads with various tasks pertaining to internships as and when required.

Office Bearers
The appointment, powers, duties, and responsibilities of the office bearers are given as under:

Constitution of the IC:

  • A Convener, a Co-Convener, and an Executive Member shall be the permanent members of the cell.
  • The Convener, Co-Convener and Executive Member of the Cell shall be appointed by the Academic Heads.
  • The tenure of office bearers shall be decided by the Academic Heads.
  • Appointing or dismissing any student as Convener, Co-convener or Executive Member shall be at the discretion of the academic heads.
  • The Academic Heads may change or alter the designation, position, duties, and responsibilities of any or all office bearers without any prior intimation to the cell.
  • The rights, privileges, duties and responsibilities of office bearers are not transferable to any other person.

Few of the organizations were the IFIM Law School students interned are as follows

Sl.No. Organisation Place
1 Faith Foundation Bangalore
2 Samvad Partners Hyderabad
3 PUCL Delhi /Jaipur, Delhi /Jaipur
4 Siemens Delhi
5 CRY Kolkata
6 AIR Nagpur
7 National Forum For People's Right Kerala
8 FOX MANDAL Kolkata
9 Deepalya Delhi
10 Green Peace Bangalore
11 J.Samuel Partners Bangalore
12 Vikas Bharathi Ranchi
13 Maya foundation Kolkata
14 Ashrayakruti Hydrebad
15 Help Age India Hydrebad
16 Samarthnam Bangalore
17 Divya Disha Hydrebad
18 Anbarivaanantham madurai
19 Aman Vedika Hydrebad
20 Amnesty International Bangalore
21 Desire Bangalore
22 Vimochana Bangalore
23 Becoming I Foundation Hydrebad
24 Rotary club Coimbatore
25 BOSCO Bangalore

Some of the notable internships secured during July – Aug 2018 to Jan – Feb 2019

Corporate Law Firms:

  • Fox and Mandal – Kolkata & Bangalore
  • Juris Law Offices – New Delhi
  • Samvad Law Partners – Hyderabad
  • Solicis Lex – Mumbai
  • HSB Partners – Chennai
  • Purushottam Law Associates – Mysore
  • J Samuel & Partners – Bangalore

Chambers of Hon’ble Judges, High Court of Karnataka (Internships):

  • Hon’ble Justice Mr. Ashok G Nijagannavar
  • Hon’ble Justice Mr. B.A Patil
  • Hon’ble Justice K. Natarajan.

International Internships:

  • Hope (NGO) – Qatar
  • AJ Chambers (Law Firm) – Abu Dhabi, UAE
  • SRM Law Firm, Indonesia
  • Musa Dudhia & Co – Zambia; S.N Sen & B.M Law Chambers – Zambia.
  • Jakarta health summer project 2018, Indonesia
  • Chibesakunda & co, Zambia
  • Meera Ali Al Jallaf Advocate & Legal Consultants, Abu Dhabi, UAE
  • HOPE Foundation, Qatar
  • Classecon Roofing Africa Limited, Zambia

Research Centres:

  • Centre for Women & Law, Centre for Child & Law at NLSIU
  • Vidhi Centre for Legal Policy Bengaluru,

Corporate Internship:

  • Siemens – Mumbai, Kolkata;
  • Classecon Roofing Africa Limited, Zambia

Internship at NGO’s:

  • CRY – Bangalore, Delhi, Kolkata
  • Help age India – Hyderabad, Mumbai
  • Mukta Foundation – Bangalore
  • Bhumi – Chennai, Pune, Delhi
  • Green Peace – Bangalore
  • Kalinga Kusum – Orissa
  • Smile Foundation – Chennai
  • HRLN – Bilaspur
  • PUCL – Jaipur
  • NFPR – Kerala

Law Firms

  • Juris Law Offices, New Delhi
  • Sampat Law Firm, Mumbai
  • Fox and Mandal, Bangalore
  • Fox and mandal, Kolkata
  • NDS Law Partners, Bangalore
  • Universal Legal, Chennai
  • Shilpa sharad & co, Bangalore
  • MKM legal solutions , Bangalore
  • Rajendra Desai law firm, Bangalore
  • Hemanth Associates, Bangalore
  • Mandgi Associates, Bangalore
  • Haranahalli law Partners LLP, Bangalore
  • Hasmath Pasha & Associates, Bangalore
  • Chakraborty law Asscoiates, Kolkota
  • Rab and rab associates, Dehradun
  • Samvad Partners, Hyderabad
  • J Hudsom Samuel & Partners, Bangalore
  • Samisti law firm, Hyderabad
  • Agama law partners’ Mumbai
  • Holla Associates, Bangalore
  • Irfana Nazeer Law Associates, Bangalore
  • Pramog Associates, Bangalore
  • Triumvirlaw firm, Bangalore
  • Om Sai Ram Associates, Chennai
  • Poddar Associates, Ranchi
  • Aequitas Law firm, Hyderabad
  • S.G law Plus, Assam
  • Attotnatus, Kolkota
  • Athena Law Associates, Law Firm Kolkata
  • Aravalli Law Associates, AP
  • RK Sinha & Co., Kolkota
  • O.P Khaitan & Co, New Delhi

Corporate & PSUs

  • Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Bangalore
  • Indian Oil Corporation, Mumbai
  • Coco Cola,
  • Siemens, Mumbai
  • Siemens, Kolkata
  • Xiaomi, Bangalore
  • Exide Co, Kolkata
  • Steel Authority of India Limited, West Bengal
  • SunvaI Research centre, Bangalore
  •, Bangalore


  • Hon’ble Justice B A Patil, Judge High Court of Karnataka
  • Hon’ble Justice Mr. K Natarajan, Judge, High Court of Karnataka
  • Hon’ble Justice Ashok G Nijagannavar, Judge, High Court of Karnataka


  • Mr. Prabhuling. K. Navadgi, Additional Solicitor General of India, High Court of Karnataka
  • Mr. Lalit Kishore, Advocate General, Bihar High Court
  • Mr. Tara Nath Poojary, Mr. Vijay Kumar Patil
    Government Pleaders, High Court of Karnataka
  • Adv. Cheemalapati Srirama murthy & associates, Chennai
  • Advocate Prabhat Kumar, Ranchi
  • GKR Advocate, Hyderabad
  • Advocate P. Muthiah llangoo, Madurai
  • P Shivkumar associates, Hyderabad
  • Advocate Murugesan, Bangalore
  • Rohit Shorti and Associates, Bhopal
  • Advocate Mr. Sunil Manohar, Nagpur
  • Advocate Mr. Rajeev Jatwani, Faridabad
  • Advocate Ms. Poonam Mishra, Hyderabad
  • Mr. Seenappa . M, Shimoga
  • Advocate Suresh Kumar, Andhra Pradesh
  • Anand Sethi Law Associates, Kanpur
  • Advocate Shailendra Jogewar
  • Nadeem Murtaza Associates, Lucknow
  • Dr. Gopinath Shenoy, Advocate, Mumbai
  • AC Tiwari & Associates, Noida
  • CA Dharmendra Srivastava, Kanpur
  • Pramila Associates, Bangalore
  • Advocate Dinesh Kumar, Chennai

Commissions/ Research Centres

  • Registrar of Companies, Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Bangalore
  • Delhi Commission for Protection of Child Rights (DCPCR), New Delhi
  • State Human Rights Commission, Chennai
  • State Human Rights Commission, Orissa
  • State Human Rights Commission, Chhattisgarh
  • Centre for Legislative Research and Advocacy, Delhi
  • Centre for Women, National Law School of India University, Bangalore
  • Centre for Child, National Law School of India University, Bangalore
  • Centre for Consumer Laws, National Law School of India University, Bangalore
  • District Legal Services Authority, Bangalore
  • Bangalore Mediation Centre
  • All India Reporters (AIR), Nagpur
  • Vidhi Law Associates, Patna


  • Green Peace, Bangalore
  • World Wild Fund (WWF),
  • PUCL, Jaipur
  • PUCL, Delhi
  • CRY, Bangalore
  • CRY, Delhi
  • CRY, Kolkata
  • Amnesty International, Bangalore
  • Samarthanam, Bangalore
  • Smile Foundation, Bangalore
  • Help-Age India, Hyderabad
  • Desire Foundation, Bangalore
  • National Forum for People’s Rights, Kerala
  • Telangana social welfare residential educational institutions, Hyderabad
  • HRLN, Raipur
  • BOSCO, Bangalore
  • Faith Foundation, Bangalore
  • Vikas Bharathi, Ranchi
  • Maya Foundaiton, Kolkota
  • Ashrayakruti, Hyderabad
  • Divya Disha Foundation, Hyderabad
  • Anbarivaanantham, Madurai
  • Aman Vedika, Hyderabad
  • Deepalya, Delhi
  • Vimochana, Bangalore
  • Becoming I Foundation, Hyderabad
  • Rotary club, Coimbatore
  • Hindustan Scouts and Guides, Delhi
  • ORO Foundation, Delhi

"I was fortunate enough to pursue corporate internship under one of the leading players in smart devices industry. This internship under Legal Department gave me an insight in to the corporate world where time is money and efficiency is what makes you succeed at greater heights. Being a part of the core legal team, I was assigned to draft agreements, contract reviewing, research on trademarks and copyright infringement matters."

Ms. Manju Shri. V,
5th year BBA LLB Student,
IFIM Law School
Registrar of Companies, Ministry of Corporate Affairs,

"Interning at the Registrar of Companies was as immense opportunity any BBA LLB student could ever have. As a legal trainee I got to learn the practical aspect of Company Law and how it is entirely different from its theoretical aspect. I also learnt drafting of legal documents such as show cause notices and prosecution documents which are of utmost importance in a law student’s career. Also, this internship taught me discipline, dedication and professionalism that are to be followed while working in a Central Government office. Having interned under the department of Ministry of Corporate Affairs made me realize that other than the stereotypical professional choices, there are other horizons that one could explore in the law career."

Ms. Bhanushree Tamhane,
4th year BBA LLB student,
IFIM Law School

Personality Enhancement Program (PEP)

Besides the University prescribed syllabus, IFIM Law School offers students a wide range of extra and co-curricular activities that ensure students’ all-round development for both the Legal and Business world.

The Personality Enhancement Program (PEP) is one such initiative and its design is based on experiential learning. PEP seeks to develop the ability to endure adversities, and experience is all about learning through making mistakes as failures are harbingers of adversity. With this object in mind, PEP mandates that our students undertake tasks and activities which are normally ignored by India’s modern education system. The course is divided into two streams: lifestyle management and life-skills development, with tasks being categorized under the former or the latter. The student is given various tasks under these two streams, and is provided training to undertake such tasks; students are constantly supported by the PEP faculty members during the tenure of the program. The student has no option but to complete the assigned tasks and activities, as this is a necessary requirement for a student to get a Pass grade in the course.

Some of these tasks are:

  • Long distance running
  • Gym training on a regular basis
  • Public speaking for 20 hours in a semester
  • Reviewing a book and presenting the same in front of an audience
  • Developing innovative ideas for solving real life problems

The completion of such tasks and activities is recorded in a personalised logbook maintained by the student and supervised by the faculty. The purpose of the logbook is force the student to reflect on his/her performance and note the improvement. These improvements are termed as small wins which in turn help the student realize that what looked impossible is possible. In cases where the student is unable to perform, the faculty and trainers work with the student and ensure that these small wins are attained. With these wins come the self-belief, self-confidence and ability to deal with various challenging situations.

Student Testimonials

IFIM Law School not only believe in class-room teaching but also lays emphasis on field experience. Keeping this tradition, IFIM Law School organizes field visits to various departments apart from in-house activity every year.

  • Students are taken for visits to Central Jail, Forensic Lab, NGO’s, Remand Homes and Courts.
  • The college also conducts legal-awareness and legal-aid programs, and NSS camp every year in rural areas.
  • Students are encouraged to participate in Moot Court competitions, Cross Court examinations, MDP's, Legal Essay writing competitions, Debates and Seminars.


Mr. V. B. Padode
Chairman - Centre for Developmental Education (CDE) Society and Chief Editor - Dalal Street Investment Journal (DSIJ)

Dr. R. S. Nirjar
Executive Chairman - Board of Governors, Vice Chancellor (Retd.) Gautam Buddha University, Greater Noida (UP)

Mr. Sanjay Padode
Secretary - CDE Society, Bangalore

A 1989 pass out from Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani, with Honors in M. Sc. (Math) and B. E. (Electrical and Electronics Engineering) had the entrepreneurial spirit from time of leaving college and founded Dataline and Research Technologies Ltd (DaRT). This company was the first in the country to pioneer online access to information and email services in 1993. The service was popularly referred to as “India Online” and “DaRT Mail”. DaRT was the first real time market data provider for the Indian Stock Exchanges. The company partnered with Dow Jones Telerate to introduce a low cost market data terminal to enhance the penetration of Equity Trading in the country. The company was listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange.

To meet the evolving needs of the market for trading, he founded Asian CERC Information Technology Ltd. which developed India’s first Order Routing and Risk Management System for real time financial trading on the Internet. Asian CERC owned more than 80% of the market share in both financial information dissemination and providing technology solutions for securities trading. Asian CERC was then acquired by the Religare group and Sanjay continued to lead the company’s new Avatar, Religare Technova Global Solutions Limited for a period of four years. During his stint as the CEO of Religare Technova, the company made international and national acquisition and grew from a strength of 250 to 3500 employees.

Post the completion of his obligation as the CEO of Religare Technova, Sanjay was keen to dedicate himself to the cause of education and took over as the Secretary of Centre for Developmental Education a not for profit society which runs the IFIM Business School. Since the past two years the curriculum of IFIM Business School has, and is being revamped for transforming aspiring managers into continuously employable resources. Besides managing this Business School Sanjay is working on establishing an University and a K-12 school. Both these projects are expected to go live in 2013.

Dr. Pritam Singh
Member of Board of Governors, Director General of IMI and erstwhile Director of MDI and IIM-L

Dr. Devi Singh
Director - Indian Institute of Management, Lucknow

Professor Devi Singh, currently serving his second term as Director of the Indian Institute of Management, Lucknow), and is a well-known Professor in the area of International Finance & Management. Before joining IIML, he was director of Management Development Institute(MDI) Gurgaon for four and half years.

Before joining MDI, he was a Visiting Full Professor at the Faculty of Management, McGill University, Canada for five years. He has been aFord Foundation and UNDP Fellow( International Management Education). He has been a Visiting Faculty at the International Centre for Public Enterprises, Slovenia. ESCP Europe and ,SKK Graduate School of Business, Seoul, and Kelly School of Business, Indiana. He is an alumnus Fellow of the Institute of World Affairs, Connecticut. He has taught at leading Business Schools in India. He has published and presented research papers at various national/international journals/conferences. Dr. Singh is author of three books in Finance and Management. Has been a consultant to leading Public & Private Sector, and multinational organisations in India.

He has been on several policy level Committees of Government of India, All India Council for Technical Education, PHD Chamber of Commerce & Industry (PHDCCI), Standing Committee on Public Enterprises (SCOPE) and All India Management Association (AIMA).

He has been a member of Boards/Executive Councils of Indian Institute of Management, Kozikhode, Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies, Mumbai, Indian Institute of Mass Communication, New Delhi, NITTIE, Mumbai, Ambedkar University, Lucknow, Jamia Islamia University, University of Allahabad, and two new Central Universities.

He was the President of Association of Indian Management Schools in 2006-07, and member the All India Board of Management Studies of AICTE for six years (2000-2006). He has served on many corporate Boards and is on the Board of Governors of some of the leading Public and Private Sector companies.

He has received several Awards including ISTE National Fellow 2007,UP Ratan 2008 and the Ishan National Award for Best Director of a Business School in 1999. Dr.Singh holds a PH.D.(Fellow) in International Finance from Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad IIM, Lucknow has taken major strides and made all round progress under his leadership.

Padma Bhushan Mr. Ajai Chowdhry
Founder- HCL & Former Chairman- HCL Infosystems Ltd.

Mr. Ajai Chowdhry, one of the six founder members of HCL began an exciting journey more than three decades ago with a dream to give India its very own microcomputer. The sheer clarity of vision and hard work led to a revolution and laid the foundation for the Indian IT industry, taking India to the league of major economies of the world.

HCL, India’s original IT garage start-up founded in 1976, today is an Rs 38,000 crores (US $6.5 bn) global enterprise and Mr. Ajai Chowdhry has been a key force in driving the growth of HCL. He led the foundation of HCL's overseas operations, starting with Singapore in 1980s and later expanded to the other South Asian Markets. Mr. Chowdhry, son of an IAS officer, has also been a key force in driving the growth of HCL Infosystems, the flagship company of the group. He took over the reins of HCL Infosystems in early 90s and became the Chairman of the company in 1999. His leadership infused tremendous energy taking the company from a turnover of Rs. 400.6 crores (US $ 89 mn) in 1994 to Rs.11, 542 crores (US $ 2.6 bn). The company today has emerged as the country’s information-enabling powerhouse and was also awarded ‘Business Superbrands’ by The Brand Council and rated the Most Trusted Indian IT Brand by Economic Times in 2010-11.

Mr. Ajai Chowdhry has constantly been driving a vision of “IT for the masses” and has been on several Government committees working towards taking PC and broadband into every village in India. It was this vision that made HCL Infosystems the first company in India to create special products for the rural market place like a rural PC that works on a car battery or specially developed financial inclusion software and hardware products. He is the Chairman of the Electronics Skills Council and Member of the Scientific Advisory Committee to Cabinet (SAC – C). Mr Chowdhry is also currently the Co-Chairman of the Working Group for Development of Innovation and IP in the ESDM sector.

In 2011, the Hon’ble President of India conferred Mr Ajai Chowdhry with the prestigious Padma Bhushan, one of the highest civilian honours, as recognition of his consistent contribution in building the IT industry of the nation. In cognizance of his key role in championing the cause of the domestic Indian IT market Mr. Chowdhry has been awarded the DATAQUEST ‘IT Person of the Year 2007’ Award and ‘Electronics Man of the Year’ by ELCINA-EFY for the year 2010. He was also honoured with the CNBC Asia Business Award 2010 for the Viewers Choice category reinforcing his vision and leadership by the common man. He was awarded the "India Innovator of the Year Award" by then Hon’ble Finance Minister, Shri Pranab Mukherjee at the 6th edition of CNBC TV18 India Business Leader Awards 2010. Mr. Chowdhry was honoured with the Cybermedia Business ICT Award 2013 for Lifetime Achievement in ICT by Shri Narendra Modi in January 2014. Most recently, in August 2014, he has been awarded Honoris Causa (D. Sc.) by the Indian Institute of Information Technology, Design & Manufacturing, Jabalpur in recognition of the significant contribution he has made to the Indian IT industry and thought leadership in the field.

Gifted with a pedant sense of entrepreneurship, Mr. Ajai Chowdhry has been enlisted among ‘India's Most Powerful Brand Builders’ and has been adjudged among ‘India Inc’s Most Powerful CEOs’ by The Economic Times. Presently, Mr. Chowdhry is focusing on incubating entrepreneurship by aiding start-ups. He continues to give back to the society through his in-depth experience and understanding of the industry. He is currently teaching entrepreneurship at IIT Hyderabad and has also been appointed as Chairman of IIT-Patna by the Hon’ble President of India, Shri Pranab Mukherjee. He is also the Board Member of the incubation centre at Indian Angel Network (IAN) and IIT Delhi.

Mr Ajai Chowdhry has also always focused on giving back to the society and this is not limited to his role in contributing to the Indian IT scenario but also several social initiatives he is a part of. He set up a Charitable Trust called ‘Swayam’ which is committed to provide education support to deserving children of various HCL employees who cannot afford good education. Besides, he is also the Board member of Population Foundation of India and a Trustee of SaveLife Foundation and plays an important advisory role in their advocacy efforts.

Mr. Ajai Chowdhry has a bachelor's degree in Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering from Jabalpur Engineering College, and attended the Executive Programme at the School of Business Administration at the University of Michigan, US. Mr. Ajai Chowdhry is an avid reader and fond of Jazz and fine arts. He lives with his wife Kunkun in New Delhi.

Dr. Chandra Bhushan Sharma
Member of Board of Governors, President IGNOU Teacher’s Association, Chairman NIOS

Dr. V. A. Sastry
Director - The National Stock Exchange

Mr. Mike Shah
President & CEO - M. S. Enterprises, Bangalore

Mr. Rajesh Padode
Joint Managing Director - DSIJ Pvt. Ltd., Pune

Rajesh V Padode, Joint Managing Director - DSIJ Ltd, has been instrumental in bringing the e-initiative to the company and evolving the company to become an ‘investor engaging and services’ company rather than just remain a ‘publishing’ company.

Rajesh’s strength in Technology, Securities Market and Systems and Processes has enabled to streamline existing operations and drive business from new sources and products.

Rajesh holds a Bachelor of Technology degree in Aerospace Engineering from IIT, Mumbai. Rajesh is also a certified PMP professional from PMI institute, USA. He has 18 years experience spanning across Securities Market, Technology and Media. Prior to joining DSIJ Ltd, Rajesh was Director - Software at Synechron Technologies and responsible for spearheading all Microsoft projects.

Dr. M. R. Gopalan
Member of Board of Governors- IFIM Business School

Educational Qualification:
B.E.(Mechanical, Annamalai University), D.I.I.T (Industrial Engineering, IIT–Chennai), M.Sc (Engineering Production & Management, University of Birmingham, UK), Fellow in Management (Equivalent to PH.D., IIM A)

Subject Taught:
Operations Management
Service Operations Management
Project Management
Quality Management
Supply Chain Management.

Research Interest / Consulting Area:
Project Management
Operations Management
Service Operations Management
Supply Chain Mgmt.

Academic Work experience:
More than 35 years ( 25 years at IIM B, 8 years at IFIM)

Corporate work experience:
Four years

Also teaches/taught at :
IIM B in the PGP & Executive Programs

Mr. A. M. Thimmiya
Member of Board of Governors- IFIM Business School

Skilled training and Education were treated as two entirely different domains till recently and Thimmiya is one of the few who has straddled and seen both domains synergise. His penchant for education was evident when in the 80s he joined Aptech and has been pioneering the various distributed Education models in India.

He was successfully involved for 12 years with Aptech Computer Education business in setting up for the first time, Channels to promote education. With Distributed and Technology led education becoming prominent, Thimmiya joined Manipal Education to lead their foray into Distance learning. He was with the Manipal group for nearly 8 years and was responsible in spearheading the Distance Education community from around 17000 to 200,000 students across a reach of over 750 centre’s not only in India but 21 countries globally. His last assignment with the Manipal Group was CEO, Manipal Education, Middle East & Africa overseeing responsibilities incl the Manipal University, Dubai. Till recently he was the CEO and Director with Green Pearl Education, responsible for the Education services of the SRM group which includes their Universities.

Thimmiya passion for building business from scratch prompted him to come on board Get Ahead Education as CEO & Co-Founder. At Get Ahead Education he is responsible for spearheading the Distributed and Work Integrated Learning programs, forays into the BFSI and other Skilling segments and to promote the Education services business.

He has a comprehensive understanding of the training and education segment in India, Middle East & Africa, parts of Far East incl China, having extensively travelled on work related assignments and responsibility.

Mr. Thimmiya has been over period of time involved with CII, FICCI —Regional Chapters & EDGE (Emerging Directions in Global Education) as a panelist and task force committee member and was also the Academic Senate member of the Sikkim Manipal University.

Mr. Rakesh Bamzai
SVP & President Commercial India and Emerging Markets, Mylan Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

The economic engine of the country is firing all cylinders. To continuously grow at the desired rate in excess of 8% year on year, it is essential to equip the industry with trained and qualified human resources. IFIM Business School was founded in the post liberalisation era to fulfil this need. The school has served the nation for the last 20 years and has provided the industry with business leaders who are poised to lead the nation into the 21st century.

This journey of 20 years has established IFIM Business School as one of the oldest private schools in the country which has consistently ranked amongst the top 50 in the country. This consistency has been achieved by investing into better faculty year on year and by creating world class infrastructure to impart learning of the highest order.

I credit this success to the faculty of the school which has been continuously endeavouring to innovate on the pedagogy by adopting the best practices available globally. A lot of this has been made possible by some our globally acclaimed partner institutions who helped mentor the school to maintain its ranking amongst the best. The Industry Internship Program offered by IFIM Business School helps our students experience a corporate environment during their tenure as students and helps them prepare for the real world experience. This has been appreciated by the industry as they are able to source “Ready Managers” from this business school. The 100% placement record of the school for the past so many years stands testimony to the success of this program.

The school prepares the student to manage work life balance efficiently. This is done by integrating wellness and personality development into the rigour of the academics. A well looked after physical self definitely helps our students enhance their endurance levels making them long term goal seekers. This coupled with a polished exterior makes them assets for the corporate world.

I am extremely proud to be associated with this institution as I can see the 20 year dream turn to reality of creating business leaders who are all set to Get Ahead in their lives and their respective careers.

With best wishes,
V.B. Padode
C D E Society

Rankings and Awards

IFIM has been consistently ranked amongst the top in B-school ranking surveys.

Best Business School in Bangalore
Brands Achiever Award
IFIM Business School was awarded as the ‘Best Business School in Bangalore’ by Brands Achiever on basis of the significant achievements and contribution it has made to the field of management education.

Outstanding Business School ( South)
National Education Awards
World Education Congress 2015 by ABP News

National Education Excellence Awards 2015
ASSOCHAM awards IFIM Business School for the “Best in Promoting Industry – Academia Interface” at National Education Excellence Awards 2015

World wide Achievers
IFIM Business School Bangalore recognised as the ‘Most promising B-School with Excellent Industry Interface in Karnataka’ at the Asia Education Summit 2015 in New Delhi, organised by World wide Achievers.

Careers360 B-School Ranking 2014 provides you a comprehensive list of top B-Schools in India 2014. The objective of this ranking is to help you know more about the top MBA colleges in India and facilitate you in selecting the best B-School for your MBA.

Bangalore Management Association Awards, 2013
In its 60th anniversary celebration, one of the oldest management associations in India gave away a series of awards to achievers in different fields from the city of Bangalore.

MBA Universe
It is one of the comprehensive and most sought after MBA portal for MBA aspirants, faculty, students and executives.

NHRDN People-Matters Survey, 2013
This ranking is a first of its kind by NHRD which involved more than 30 senior corporate executives in its design and execution.

MBA Universe
It is one of the comprehensive and most sought after MBA portal for MBA aspirants, faculty, students and executives.

The Outlook Survey, 2012
One of India’s general interest magazines conducts B-School surveys annually. The survey is of prime importance to both aspirants of management education and recruiters alike.

IFIM Business School participates only in the following Business School rankings:

MBA Universe

Career 360




Centres of Excellence

“Excellence is the gradual result of always striving to do better” - Pat Riley.

In order to become great leaders, it is absolutely essential to inculcate, within students, the habit of striving for the best. In areas of stiff competition - ability, attitude and endurance are true indicators of a student’s potential. As these factors become our area of focus, IFIMB enhances a student’s learning experience by further improving given facilities. Each centre is steered by a Chairperson who is elected among the faculty members.

The centre was established to fulfil the mission of ensuring lifelong employability for the students of IFIM B School by aligning the learning outcomes of academic programs in IFIM Business School to the Industry needs. We believe that Continuous Employability requires an individual to consistently augment one’s inherent abilities to remain in demand. Thus, we help all current and past students in skilling, up skilling and re skilling themselves.


  • Placements for existing students & alumni
  • Industry Internship Program for existing students
  • Developing and delivering corporate programs
  • Alumni relations & assistance

The centre for Entrepreneurship focuses primarily on building innovators and pioneers.

“ To encourage, incubate and facilitate the spirit of global enterprise amongst aspiring management graduates of IFIM Business School and potential entrepreneurs. “

“To make the student community understand the importance of risks and the importance of assessment. To develop skills in order to calculate impact and to build mitigation strategies.“


  • To produce pioneers and change makers.
  • Apply their knowledge to build business and enterprise.
  • Motivate aspirants by inviting entrepreneurs to discuss their journey.
  • To develop a rationale for entrepreneurship.
  • To incubate viable ideas into successful businesses.
  • To build a network where students can reach out to experienced entrepreneurs seeking advice, mentorship and guidance.


  • A student E-cell
  • Incubation centre
  • Research centre for entrepreneurship content development and MDPs.


“The purpose of an academic institution is to create a body of knowledge through its research which would benefit the society at large” - Dr. R Satish Kumar, Dean - Research & International Relations and Professor - Marketing

“ The vision of Centre for Research (CFR) is to develop IFIM Business School as a Centres of Excellence to carry out management research. CFR will act as a catalyst to disseminate the culture of research among faculty members and students of the institute. It will also endeavour to foster exchange of ideas among scholars of other institutes of repute interested in carrying out research, in the area of management. “

The following are the mission oriented activities for the CFR.

  • Encourage faculty members to take on Doctoral Work for themselves.
  • As a VTU affiliated research centre, oversee research activities and encourage faculty members to take up research guidance.
  • Facilitate research activities both theoretical and empirical.
  • Facilitate development of case studies and research papers relevant to various disciplines of management.
  • Motivate faculty members to attend and to organise national and international seminars and conferences.
  • Collaborate with the external bodies/organisations to carry out research.
  • Identify and procure databases (including online subscriptions) and statistical packages required for carrying out both quantitative and qualitative research.
  • Encourage students to carry out industry-based research and promote them in various forums.
  • Encourage faculty-student collaborative research to present papers in various seminars and conferences of national and international repute.

The centre has a governing body at the apex level, consisting of external academics experts and representatives from IFIM. At the next level, the centre has one or more committees to look into domain-specific research activities which are proposed by faculty members, students, and others from the industry and academic world.

Focus Journal
FOCUS, is the management journal published by the Institute of Finance and International Management (IFIM). It aims to facilitate effective dissemination of information in the realm of management such as problem solving methodologies relevant for practising executives and academicians working in the field of management.
Further it purposes to foster better understanding of the theoretical underpinnings and practical aspects of management. More specifically the coverage will include discussions on theories and concepts, problem solving through consultancy assignments, research papers based on industry studies or findings of research projects executed and case studies. These serve as important tools to gain insight into the industry practices as well as to understand the necessity for adopting an integrated approach to problem solving.

Topics and Focus areas for writing an article:

  • Strategic issues, discussions, approaches with regard to different functional specialisation
  • Operations management
  • Logistics and supply chain management
  • Papers focusing on globalisation issues
  • E-business and e-marketing
  • Business process outsourcing
  • Environmental management systems
  • Service operations management
  • Entrepreneurship and small business management
  • Computer applications
  • Human resources management
  • Insurance, health, infrastructure management, etc
  • Financial management
  • Case studies related to the above topics
  • Review articles on the state-of-the-art topics, issues, subjects, concepts, strategies, Techniques and management approaches.

All publishing material will be first reviewed by the Editor for their appropriateness and completeness in terms of the requirement of the journal. The articles which meet basic requisites, will be reviewed by two referees conversant with the subject. Once the papers are cleared by the referees, the articles will be published in the journal. This is within the standards stipulated by any international refereed journal.

The editorial board comprises:

  • Mr. Sanjay Padode, Secretary, Centre for Developmental Education, Bangalore
  • Dr. B. P. Pethiya, Director, IFIM, Bangalore
  • Dr. M. R. Gopalan, Director (Research), IFIM, Bangalore, Chief Editor of the Journal
  • Dr. Prakash Apte, Ex. Director, IIM Bangalore
  • Dr. Pankaj Chandra, Director, IIM Bangalore
  • Dr. S. Sadagopan, Director, IIIT Bangalore
  • Mr. Ramasubramanian, MD Eastcom Systems Pte. Ltd, 12 Lorong Bakar Batu # 4-11, Singapore 348745 Tel: (65) 841 3848, Fax: (65) 841 3850
  • Dr. C. Jayachandran, Professor & Director, The Centre for International Business, School of Business, Montclair State University, Montclair, NJ 07043
  • Dr. Namjae Cho, Director, Digital Business & Management Centre, HIT # 309, Hanyang University, Seoul, 133-791, Korea.
  • Prof. John Bicheno, Reader of Operations Management Department, Business School, University of Buckingham, U.K.
  • Dr. Paul Swamidass, Director of Thomas Walter Centre for Technology Management, Auburn University, USA.
  • Dr. R. Balachandra, Professor, Information, Operations and Analysis Group, College of Business Administration, Northeastern University, Boston, USA.

Dr. R. Nat Natarajan, Asst. Dean, W. E. Mayberry Professor of Management, 407 B, Johnson Hall, College of Business, Tennessee Technological University, Cookeville, TN 38505, USA, is our representative for outside India.


  • Dr. V. Sridevi, Associate Professor, Finance, IFIM Bangalore
  • Dr. Kavita Mathad, Associate Professor, Economics, IFIM Bangalore
  • Prof. S. Manoharan, Assistant Professor, Marketing, IFIM Bangalore


  • Dr. G.G. Hegde, Associate Professor of Business Administration, Katz Graduate School of Business, USA, University of Pittsburgh.
  • Mr. S. Suresh, Head of Software Projects, Glaxo SmithKline, Mumbai.
  • Prof. Ramesh Kumar, Professor of Marketing, IIM, Bangalore.
  • Dr. R. Nat Natarajan, Tennessee Technological University, USA.
  • Dr. Rishikesh Krishna, Professor, IIM, Bangalore
  • Dr. Mathew Manimala, Chairperson, Organisational Behaviour and Human Resources Management Area, IIM, Bangalore.
  • Dr. Vasanthi Srinivasan, Chairperson, Centre for Corporate Governance and Citizenship.
  • Dr. Ravi Anshuman, Professor of Finance & Editor IIMB Management Review, IIM, Bangalore.
  • Dr. R. Srinivasan, Professor of Finance & Control, IIM, Bangalore.
  • Dr. Madhumita Chatterji, Prof. of Corporate Social Responsibility & Ethics, IFIM, Bangalore.
  • Dr. R. Nargundkar, Professor of Marketing and Director, IMT Business School, Nagpur

FOCUS is a Bi-Annual Journal. Subscription for one year amounts to Rs.700 in India, $60 overseas. Individual Issue subscription amounts to Rs. 400/-

IFIM B-School announces the launch of The V.B. Padode Centre for Sustainability on Founder’s Day

Bangalore, 27th February, 2013: IFIM Business School, ranked the No. 1 Private Business School in Bangalore for two consecutive years, announced the establishment of the V.B. Padode Centre for Sustainability, on the occasion of their 18th Founder’s Day on Wednesday. IFIM and Infosys have collaborated to undertake certain initiatives and projects in the space of Sustainability.

The ceremony which was attended by Sri VB Padode Founder & Chairman of IFIM, Chief Guest Dr V Raghunathan, CEO of GMR Varalakshmi Foundation, Mr. Ramlal Waghray, VP-Global Development, Oracle, eminent personalities from the corporate world and the students and faculty of IFIM commenced with the lighting of a lamp. The ceremony also saw the introduction of the Sustainability Centre as tribute to the Founder of IFIM Shri V.B. Padode.

Mr. Sanjay Padode, Secretary, IFIM B-School, said, “Shri V.B. Padode’s aim was to build an institute where students would learn and grow in a safe environment and where everyone would be appreciated for their individual talents. Today, we salute this energy and commitment of our beloved Founder & Chairman and as a tribute to his commitment we announce the launch of the VB Padode Sustainability Centre. It is a matter of great pride to partner with a company like Infosys and we hope that the 'new learning' will help in providing holistic growth and groom our students to emerge as emotionally intelligent managers.”

Speaking about the collaboration, Ms. Suja Warrier, member of the Sustainability | Education & Research |PSD team of Infosys, said “The Sustainability Centre will develop a holistic, practical and creative approach to education and explore how we can all make more responsible choices. IFIM’s approach towards social issues and their CSR programme encouraged us to partner with them in order set up this centre.”

IFIM’s Founder’s Day is celebrated to honour the founder and Chairman of IFIM Business School – Shri V.B. Padode whose vision is to nurture holistic, socially responsible and continuously employable professionals. In keeping with this vision, IFIM along with Infosys has developed a CSR centre known as the Centre for Social Entrepreneurship and Management under which the Sustainability Centre will be established. Some of the initiatives that the Centre will address are – sustainability themes like Waste management, Bio-diversity, Gender and Diversity, basic awareness sessions, specific curriculum on sustainability, draft sustainability policy, vision and goals, volunteer action groups and sustainability as a career option for B-school graduates.

Student Life

Invocation of art and entertainment is as important as the facilitation of routine curriculum. We at IFIM Business school strive to maintain the right balance as we understand that a blend of these elements play a pivotal role in developing a student’s identity. A Student Council, set up by the elected student representatives which is overseen and supervised by the Chairperson - Student Affairs, expedites various extra academic activities through the year.

The environment and culture of IFIM Business School is geared to handle students with:

  • Dramatically different beliefs and philosophies.
  • Widely divergent expectations.
  • A high focus on academics, conservative and middle of the road approach to cultural activities.
  • Different personalities and orientations.
  • An adventuresome spirit.

IFIM aims at empowering the students to realise their potential and emerge as confident, well-groomed, well-informed individuals. Learning at the Institute is facilitated through classroom discussions, case studies, live projects and interactions with experts from the industries, allowing the prospective managers to bring the best out of them and inculcate the art of effective management.

The Institute also ensures, apart from the academic development, overall physical development. With a state-of-the-art gymnasium at the hostel along with yoga trainers, the Wellness program ensures complete well-being of the student at all times, Other sports activities, both indoor and outdoor, are well utilized and are a great source of recreation and entertainment.

“Experience without theory is blind, but theory without experience is mere intellectual play.” - Immanuel Kant.

Theories and practices are of little use if not implemented on the field. Adhering to this principle, Alpha, the finance and investment club of IFIM was established. Alpha is governed by students who are mentored by experts of the finance industry. This serves as a great opportunity for students to understand the finance industry and its intricacies. Along with on field practices this initiative also gives a chance, to budding aspirants, to network with industry professionals.

Impulse reflects marketing pulse that brings in the passion to learn the new and the belief that we can make an impact. The word impulse if segregated means I M PULSE. So, Pulsed together with young minds with the vision “to take learning out of classroom”. IMPULSE provides a platform to ignite the minds with creativity and numerous ideas, immense talent to reach out and explore the world to fulfil the unlimited dreams. Marketing is the innovation to think big and to reach people and our team “IMPULSE” is just to furnish the manifesto for “Just Marketing”

Impulse is a consortium of like minded individuals wanting to reach out to a million with ideas and opportunities. It’s a launchpad for marketing aspirants as gears up students to counter challenges. Fuelled with creative ideas and innovative methods the club focuses on channelising the talent of passionate individuals and making them competitive marketing professionals.

V4U creates an environment where students of any major can enhance their peoples’ skill. It’s an invaluable resource as it works towards enhancing professional careers of club members, by remaining actively committed to excellence and diversity. It encourages individuals towards reaching their greatest potential through personal and professional learning by providing service opportunities and creating awareness on HR policies. V4U has collaborated with NHRD Bangalore Chapter . The Student Newsletter HR *Quillpad* houses information on various HR strategies around the world and encourages students to write articles based on their learnings and analysis.

With a great deal of information circulating amongst the bright minds, knowledge sharing becomes an inevitable activity. With quizzes organised by the Quizbizz club a healthy completion amongst counterparts is always promoted. Quizbizz helps students recognise the who’s who of the industry. Students further represent the IFIM and are trained to compete with the best in the country.

Health is not a condition of matter, but of Mind. - Mary Baker Eddy. In a competitive industry ups and downs are inevitable. A successful career is often punctuated by failures. It is important to train the mind and the body to take blows in order work towards the goal with more impetus. Through sports, we try to achieve that balance where we try to inculcate the winning habit and also prepare individuals to use failures in the right direction. Performance includes, responsibility, teamwork, perseverance and presence of mind - these factors instrumental for an individual towards devising a change and achieving the impossible. Through such competitive activities we strive towards producing individual with unassailable courage.

The uniqueness of IFIM’s curriculum is that every student will have to undergo a rigorous course of wellness (Lifestyle Management) from the day they join the Institute. Every student gets exposed to a wide variety of activities, effectively grouped, term wise, depending upon the various stages of physical body and mind development. Students also have to undergo some extremely effective team building activities and some classroom sessions to boost their level of awareness about various social evils like effects of smoking / drinking, importance of a balanced diet, nutrition, etc.

These sessions are of extreme importance in today’s world of stress and high demand for work from the corporate. Leading hospitals in the country are coming up with various facts that illustrate no age limit for some of the most life threatening diseases and it is all the more important for people to get exposed to such kind of activities on a daily basis. After all everyone wants to be a genius and the chance of becoming one definitely, depends a lot on a healthy body and mind apart from the right set of knowledge , skills and attitude.

At IFIM, we believe that, Exercise can improve your mood. It works as an antidepressant and thus, helps lift your mood instantly. It also helps you to concentrate on things that you do on a daily basis. So working out every day can actually make you smarter and more confident about yourself.

IFIM Toastmasters Club
"Toastmasters International is a world leader in communication and leadership development. Our membership is more than 332,000 members. Members improve their speaking and leadership skills by attending one of the 15,400 clubs in 135 countries that make up our global network of meeting locations.

The world needs leaders. Leaders head families, coach teams, run businesses and mentor others. These leaders must not only accomplish, they must communicate."

IFIM has its own toastmasters club set up to groom its students to be effective and prominent leaders of tomorrow. The students utilize this platform, along with Personality Enhancement Program, to overcome the greatest fear to mankind, the fear of public speaking. Students are groomed by industry toastmasters mentors and are guided effectively and professionally to enhance their leadership skills, to become self confident and develop a positive and winning attitude towards life. Members have weekly meetings , which is characterized by Public speeches and table topics and a detailed feedback and analysis, by Industry mentor Toastmasters. This club also permits its members to perform in other toastmasters club as well, across the world.

IFIM Music Club
"If music is the food of love, give me plenty of it". As the saying goes, music is considered to be one of the greatest stress busters and is also a great accompaniment to life. Members of the IFIM Music club are undergoing professional lessons in guitar, drums, keyboards, vocals and dance. Students are being trained according to their level. The club is having expert faculty members from various renowned music schools, who train the student members on the above mentioned category. The Music club is aimed at providing a platform for the students to enhance their musical skills and also to nurture their talent in this field. Music is also a great leveler and it spreads joy and happiness across the world and we believe in just that.

Information Centre

Coming Soon.

Work With Us

IFIM Business School invites applications for faculty positions in the areas of Information Systems and Quantitative & Operation Management.

Faculty interested in applying to us may kindly download the application form, fill in the details as required & send the filled application form to

Click here to Download the application form

International Collaborations and Accreditations

AICTE Approved

ISO 9001:2008 Certified


IFIM Business School believes International Collaborations are mutually beneficial to Institutes across countries in the areas of education, research and other academic subjects, for the common goal of globalization of higher education.

In today’s competitive world, it’s very important that a student is able to differentiate themselves from other students in terms of knowledge and the kind of exposure they receive from their institute. Global exposure has become a very integral part of education as it helps to bridge the gap between people from different nationalities and also provides a global learning platform. The collaborative arrangements between IFIM and its International partner institutions includes exchange of information and materials that are of mutual interest, joint research projects by faculty and provide high quality educational opportunities to support future growth in business and employment. There are also regular faculty and student exchanges.

International collaboration is another milestone in our vision to accentuate our continued commitment to increase higher education opportunities for our students. To nurture holistic, socially responsible and continuously employable professionals, IFIM Business school ensures that students are provided with a new seamless pathway to higher education in the country on an international platform to transform students into global professionals.

Alumni Success Stories


An alumnus of IFIM Business School, Mr Pankaj Purohit is a star in the Financial Scene in New York with a unique success story. He is currently Vice President - Head of Financial Planning & Analysis at American Stock Transfer & Trust Company with work experience of more than 17 years.

Ever since he graduated from the IFIM MBA Finance batch in 1995, he has spent his entire career in Finance and Accounting. He was prepared for the industry right after his MBA degree, but believed as an individual; one must constantly strive to enhance his or her personal skill sets. Thus, he relocated to the U.S, and completed his CPA (Chartered Public Accountant) training which is the US equivalent for the CA course in India.

On completing his MBA course, he started his career as a Management Trainee at Standard Chartered Bank, Bangalore. Then he moved to American Express in Delhi/Gurgaon and did several roles of increasing responsibilities in Finance. At American Express New York, he achieved considerable success and appreciation after he successfully led his team and gained invaluable experience working in the’CFO’s HQ Office during the Great Recession. His success continued as he moved to JP Morgan Chase as Vice President - Information Technology CFO for the Consumer Loans division. He is currently working with a leading Wall Street firm American Stock Transfer & Trust Company with IPO prospects as Head of Planning & Analysis.

When it comes to transitioning from being a student to working in the industry, Mr Pankaj says it is imperative to view your work as a practical application of the concepts that you learn at a business school. More importantly, driving decisions and outcomes at work are based on the theories and concepts you learn in the classroom and during internships. He urges all students to use their internship and project period to get a glimpse into what to expect in the industry, and how to conduct yourself when you are a full time employee at any organisation.

When asked if an MBA degree helps in personal and professional excellence, Mr Pankaj responded saying “Absolutely…! Professionally because I am where I am today in some ways because of what I learnt during the 2 years doing my MBA. At a personal level the bond that I built with some of my batch mates I carry them with me to this date….priceless! The 2 years that I spend on campus is probably the best time that I have had. Just the thought brings a smile….pure nostalgia! Totally, miss being with all my batch mates (now friends forever), the endless discussion on case studies, the friendly banter in the hostel mess while having dinner, energy while launching the first newsletter Face to Face and the Finance forum…and many more.”

Mr Pankaj says that every MBA aspirant needs to focus not only on academics, but on the contrary get involved with many non-academic, industry-relevant and extracurricular activities which are crucial for building confidence, industry relevant knowledge and personality development. He says that the IFIM campus environment fosters healthy interactions at various levels which are important for one’s development and growth. The people skills and soft skills learned during his MBA helps him even today, twenty years into his career. His advice to all the MBA aspirants and graduates are to ‘Work hard and play hard’: Keep the intellectual curiosity going no matter what the circumstances.

Mr Siddhartha Padmapati, IFIM -PGDM Batch 2003 is Regional Account Manager- India - MEA at Avention Inc with work experience of more than 12 years. He is Responsible for managing existing Business for Avention flagship and key accounts within India, Middle East & Africa.

After completion of his PGDM degree, Mr Siddhatha’s work involved him travelling all around the country He joined As Management Trainee in Getit Infomediary through Campus placement from IFIM. He was then promoted to District Sales Manager in Kolkata, and later joined Next-Gen publishing as Key Account Manager in New Delhi Delhi. He then worked in the publishing industry for around 3 years after that switched to Information Services Industry and worked in organisations like Thomson Reuters, Lexis Nexis, Avention in various Key Account Management Role Pan India. He thanks IFIM for keeping the PGDM curriculum relevant to industry needs. He said it was an interesting experience to avoid learning from textbooks, but instead learning during Industry Internship which formed his first practical exposure to the real world.

He also wants to encourage all recent graduates to think about entrepreneurship. He says that once a person completes their MBA or PGDM, you can use your education to start your own business. If you’re interested in starting your own business, but not sure if you have the necessary expertise to launch a start-up in a high-growth industry, an MBA can prepare you to do everything from writing a business plan to acquiring venture capital to launching an IPO. Research has shown that the success rate for businesses started by MBAs is about 50 percent better than average.

Mr Siddhartha Padmapati said “The IFIM PGDM program teaches a new dimension to approach every aspect of life be it professional/ Social or personal. Campus life was fantastic be it Academic and non-Academic. For Academics the best memories were having the privilege of studying under well know faculties and meeting the who’s who of the Industry. You may be wonderfully knowledgeable, but an MBA program relevant to your field of operation will help sharpen your managerial skills & soft skills necessary for real time management. I wish all the MBA and PGDM aspirants the best in life and encourage you to ‘Follow your Dreams.’

Mr Deepak Halan, IFIM Alumnus from the MBA Batch of 1997 has about 20 years of experience across market strategy, consumer & business research, below-the-line activities and online brand consultancy. He was interested in Marketing while pursuing his MBA at IFIM Business School and served in the Marketing Research industry for about 15 years.

Currently, he is also a professor at Apeejay Stya University where he shares his knowledge with students who want to pursue their MBA or PGDM and be successful managers. Mr Deepak has provided strategic consultancy to clients across diverse sectors such as IT, Telecom, FMCG, Govt., Automotive, Healthcare, Media etc. and conducted and managed quantitative and qualitative market research studies. Since he stresses on the importance of an MBA/PGDM as a necessity to be a holistic and successful manager, Mr Deepak himself teaches Marketing subjects and Management skills to undergraduate and postgraduate students believing in continuous learning and passionate research. Recalling his time at IFIM Business School, Mr Deepak Halan said that the industry works very different compared to what you only learn in classroom sessions. His internship experience initially helped him understand how an organisation works in the real world. The IFIM MBA program has added value to his life, both professional as well as social/personal. Apart from the knowledge of management subjects, MBA teaches students how to work in a team, deal with difficult people and make best use of available resources. “It also gave me some great friends with whom I’m still in touch with - 20 years later” Mr Deepak added.

Back in the day, management education was starting to grow. After completing his Engineering degree, he did not want to be just another engineer in the country with a hard core technical job; hence he decided an MBA was the best way up. On the academic side - getting a chance to listen to some great people from the industry, the marketing and finance club activities etc. were an added bonus.

On being asked about the key benefits of studying a management degree from IFIM, Mr Halan said “I owe my success to my MBA degree. It develops you as a person. One of the really valuable benefits of getting a MBA degree is the networking opportunities. When you are studying, you are interacting with people from all walks of life, all trying to accomplish the same goal. Your classmates are the future leaders in the business world. You can connect with people who may one day lead corporations. These relationships become very valuable for you, as a professional, but also for your future company. The relationships you forge in the MBA classroom will get you into groups and organisations that will certainly benefit your future employer.”

Q1. Tell us about your domain and your work profile?

Domain: Real Estate Investment Consulting
Work Profile: As a Founder of Homz N Space, I look at end-to-end operations of the company and I also take care of sales operations, Builder relations, Technology adaptation, Development of the customer review platform, Customer advisory services, Market Research, Digital Marketing, Public Relations and financial management.

Q2: Can you please briefly tell us about your career path so far?

The journey began in early 2008, when I started my internship with Indian Express publication as Space Selling executive; I was responsible for generating revenue to the publication. Besides, I was excited, as it was my first corporate exposure. My 6 months internship thought me “ Selling is Living “ .

In the year 2009, As part of Campus Selection, I got through a company called Ajmera Housing Corporation (Mumbai Based Real Estate Developers). It’s a Full time placement as Management Trainee. I was directly reporting to Directors & CXO of the company. I was more excited to learn, but god wish was different, unfortunately, there were no one to teach me about Real Estate in that company, Directors were just passing commands. CXO’s considered me as a kid involved in Management. But, I some how managed to learn by my self. But was just a beginner in the sector. But, unfortunately, all my learning’s and contribution to Ajmera Housing had gone for toss because of recession. Company was going on tuff times and I have been as asked to leave job.

Job Market was down and I was job less for almost 6 months. I started applying in all job portals Mean time, Companies took advantage by not paying salaries. I didn’t let hope down, and my hope gifted me offer letters from top 4 Brands of Real Estate, ( DLF, Sobha, Mantri & Adarash Developers ) Year 2010, I thanked god and restated my career in DLF as Sales Managers . As usually I was excited and was also proud to be the part of India’s No 1 Builder.

During my journey in DLF, i always had a thought running in the back of my mind that I should bring in something new and refreshing to this competitive segment.

I always believed in focusing on consumer behaviour and to then offer a product which suits them basis their needs and i believed that the only solution to this was an Advisory that offers multiple products options that are filtered to the customer need. But was feared to leave the job and to Start a new venture. But , as I have already seen worst time. I was ready to take a risk and I resigned my Job and started ‘Homz N Space’ on 15th July 2011 with zero investment.

As on today, we are considered as Most Power full Real Estate Consultancy from Top 30 Builders of Bangalore. We have generated 220 Crores business for builders and as a company with Zero investment we have touched the revenue of 4.5 Crores and looking forward to expand our business to International level.

Q3: Is industry work different from what you learn at B-schools/ IFIM?

Its 50 – 50, B- Schools are like guide for Corporate world.

Q4. From you experience, please share how did your internship experience help you at your first job?

I learnt sales skills during my internship and If you know, How to sell. You can crack any deal.

Q5. How do you think your MBA/PGDM programme has added value to your life, both professional life and social/personal life?

Professionally, yes MBA has helped me a lot. Especially subjects like Marketing & Organization behavior. My Favorite subjects are economics & people management, which has helped me in social & personal life too.

Q6: You must have spent memorable time at IFIM. Do you miss being a part of it? Please share a few good memories?

Who won’t miss those days… I call it as Golden days. I still remember those last minute presentations, Management fests, Holy celebrations at hostels, Debate on topics, there are lot.

Q7. What was your initial thought process when you joined IFIM?

What is my Section Name?

Q8. Briefly take us through your life at IFIM campus, both academic and non-academic life?

Academic – I have enjoyed all the marketing class “ Thanks to Sathish Sir & Madumitha Chaterji Madam” Non
Academic – I have learned to mix up with people who are from different cultures. Thanks to Raju Poojari Sir

Q9. You are proud alumni of this top B-school. What is the best part of this B-school from a student perspective?

Personal Involvement from faculties, Infrastructure and like-minded student groups.

Q10. Tell us one of your IFIM student life secrets and tips, which can be shared with the future aspirants?

Take initiative, Fight for change and don’t be bookish. Accept Your Faculties as your Gurus and Enjoy your subjects.

Q11. How would you like to give back to society and what are your future plans? Any suggestion/guidance for the future aspirants?

I am too young to think about this now.

Q12. Could you share with us a little information about your family and hobbies?

Family : Father was business development manager for Zydus and currently retired

Mother : Home Maker

Elder Brother: Project Manager in Cognizant. U.S.A

Hobbies : Aquascaping , Music, Technology, Reading News dailies.

Mr. Harish Achar Brahmavar
Founder – Homz N Space
Work Experience: 7 Yrs
Batch: 2006 - 2008

Q1. Tell us about your domain and your work profile?

Having worked in top Indian and MNC’s in the FMCG , Beverage sector I have maintained my domain expertise in the area of sales, ,marketing, distribution and business development. These are the core areas of any organization contributing to about 70% of the total companies operations.

Presently I head the business in ID fresh Foods for India and overseas markets handling the entire sales, operations, marketing, exports and distribution.

Q2: Can you please briefly tell us about your career path so far?

I joined Nestle on campus handling mainline business of general trade sales for urban and rural markets. I Learnt quickly how the FMCG industry works and learnt it the hard way, being out there in the market every day !

After Nestle , I joined Seagrams , Pernod Ricard , which is the world’s leading alcoholic beverage firm based in Paris. Then I headed their key accounts and marketing operations for Goa state which was filled with immense learning on how to handle marketing operations and key account sales in the action packed state of Goa !

Because of the good work there I was headhunted by United Spirits Limited, the Big daddy of alcoholic beverage industry in India (Globally No 1 in volumes)

I joined them as key account manager, got promoted in the 1st year as senior manager and in the next 2 years as General Manager & Key Account head. Spent 5 glorious years with them building the on-trade business for them with some clutter breaking activations and growths in market shares.
The hardcore FMCG bug didn’t die with all the alcohol and I decided to peruse my hunger for new challenges with Britannia. Joined them handling a national role in channel development and got promoted as Head of customer marketing –channels business in the 1st year.

Channel development, customer marketing roles gave a in depth understanding of the channels business, which is the fastest growing segment for most companies.

Before moving out from Britannia I spent 1.5 years handling the entire business unit as Head- alternate and emerging channels. This role gave a perspective of how to handle an entire business , P&L, Sales, operations, marketing , business development etc.

Nearly 4 years of Britannia got me to look at ID fresh foods, one of Indias most admired fresh foods player who has the most unique distribution model ‘ everyday every store ‘ A company that believes in 100% preservative and chemical free products which are natural without any additives! This young brand has very strong equity among its consumers and will be soon a very large FMCG brand.

Q3: Is industry work different from what you learn at B-schools/ IFIM?

At least 50% of your B-school knowledge can be applied in real. Whoever says ‘what you learn in your MBA is of no use in the corporate world’, doesn’t know how to apply learning into execution! study hard and learn + apply + relate to real life situations.

Q4. From you experience, please share how did your internship experience help you at your first job?

Internship is very important. I got my 1st job largely due to my internship which was on the job and real. I did sales, marketing, business development and a bit of customer study. It wasn’t another run of the mill research & filling up of forms.

Q5. How do you think your MBA/PGDM programme has added value to your life, both professional life and social/personal life?

Has helped me connect what I have learnt to reality with reasoning

Q6: You must have spent memorable time at IFIM. Do you miss being a part of it? Please share a few good memories?

Hostel memories are the best! We had a happy bunch of classmates with juniors &seniors. Brand management classes were the most interesting with the product launch taking the cake.

Q7.What was your initial thought process when you joined IFIM?

Nothing specific. Wanted to learn & get into a good job.

Q8. Briefly take us through your life at IFIM campus, both academic and non-academic life?

Academic was fun due to the industry interface. Nonacademic hahaha too much to pen down

Q9. You are proud alumni of this top B-school. What is the best part of this B-school from a student perspective?

Loved the open culture to try and learn new things. Industry interface was very good with some top visiting faculty giving us insights which we wouldn’t get otherwise.

Q10. Tell us one of your IFIM student life secrets and tips, which can be shared with the future aspirants?

Stay focused on what you want to get ………….. ‘eye of the Tiger ‘

Q11. How would you like to give back to society and what are your future plans? Any suggestion/guidance for the future aspirants?

Would like to teach & educate needy people.

Q12. Could you share with us a little information about your family and hobbies?

My daughter Samaara is three years old and is the apple of my eye. My wife runs a customized jewelry firm called post her corporate career with Oracle & KPMG. I Love listening to Music, playing cricket and watching movies.

Mithun Appaiah
Vice President – Sales and Marketing, India and Global markets
Work Experience: 12 Years
B-school/Programme/Batch: PGDM 2001-2003

Mr Mithun distributing prizes to the underprivileged children of IFIM’s ShikshaAadhar

Q1. Tell us about your domain and your work profile?

I am the founder MD and CEO of Chatterjee Cleaning Arts Services Pvt Ltd (CCASPL) , Rishik Commdeal (RCPL)and Mrinmoyree Supply Pvt Ltd (MSPL). CCASPL provides Housekeeping and Facility Management services in more than 700 cities in india for last 23 years. RCPL is compliance and HR solution provider of blue color employees in India.

MSPL is in hygiene and industrial cleaning tools, equipment and machinery business. MSPL sales its own brand (MRINMOYEE) and several other imported brands. Its products are available in all most all major cities with 34 distributors. Both MSPl and RCPL are a relatively new venture ( around 4 years). As far as my profile goes , I have been in the industry for last two decades got trained by BICS ( British School of Cleaning Science ) besides my PGDBM from IFIM.

Awards and recognition-

  • CCASPL recongnised as most promising SME by Franchisee India -2010.
  • Best Financial Performance and corporate excellence Award by Indian Chamber of Commerce 2011.
  • Best CEO (Star CEO Award) in SME category by Business Today and Yes Bank 2011.

Q2: Can you please briefly tell us about your career path so far?

My business started couple of years before I joined IFIM. This was to earn pocket money during my college days. I had to take 2 years break from my business to complete my PGDBM at IFIM. By the time I finished my tenure with IFIM my business which I had left behind was almost dead. Being freshly graduated from Business school and with a great attitude I wanted to step into the corporate world instead of being a business owner. I landed up with a job in Bank of America.

In three months’ time I realized that it is not my cup of tea. Once an entrepreneur, always an entrepreneur. But my business was in very bad shape. It had just left with 2 employees and monthly loss of couple of thousand rupees. Today after a gap of 18 years we have couple of thousand employees in our payroll.

As building an organization has many phases .An entrepreneurs career flows according to it. In Initial phases I had to take care of everything. I used to handle operation, accounts; marketing etc. it was like one man show. This initial firefighting changed very fast as we kept growing and able to bring professionals on board. Now I have a team of professional to take care of all business responsibilities. At this point of time I have kept myself away from all day to day activities. My focus areas are developing strategies, R&D and Knowledge management.

Q3: Is industry work different from what you learn at B-schools/ IFIM?

You can always draw a logical reference from what you learn at a B- school and what is happening in our industry. Industry flows on its own way. Management education can help you to understand its consequences. It can help you to predict most of the time. It can help to understand the reason for failure. And most importantly it will guide you to choose between right and wrong.

Q4. From you experience, please share how did your internship experience help you at your first job?

My first job lasted for just three months. I don’t want to compare the value of my internship with this. It was like a threshold frequency which actually put me in the real world of corporate / industry. My two and half month long internship with HLL (erstwhile Brook Bond Lipton) was a huge learning and even today its influence my business decision. It taught me the importance of leg work. It helped me how to read between lines. It gave me real life demonstration of using statistics in decision making process.

Q5. How do you think your MBA/PGDM programme has added value to your life, both professional life and social/personal life?

PGDBM was a process of transformation which made me confident to take challenges of professional life. The entire process was a sea of information, knowledge and experience. I being middle class conservative “Bong” learned to negotiate with all odds of life. It made huge difference in my decision making process, logical thinking and ability to convincing others. In one side it gave me a sense of courage to face corporate honchos and at the same time enriched me with the ability to understand life of a common man.

Socially I became more tolerant to others as I have the opportunity to mix up people from diverse background. Starting from food to dressing to behavior to ritual to belief it was an amazing phase of experiencing the diversity. Personal life enriched with my friends who made my two years at IFIM a memorable one. We are still in touch and share great time. One of the best thing that happened in terms of my personal life was meeting Aparna (then a junior to me @ IFIM). We got married couple of years after and blessed with two kids Rishik and Mrinmoyee.

Q6: You must have spent memorable time at IFIM. Do you miss being a part of it? Please share a few good memories?

There are many. Let me tell you I was the second student reached in IFIM campus at Banshankari 2nd stage with Pankaj ( now at USA) and Prachi ( now at Philippines) . It was fun , excitement and at the same time lot of anxiety. I remember how we used to make instant noodles using kerosene oil lamp in the middle of night with and spice up it with mango achar ( possible our friend Chandrasheker Jain used to get from his home). It used to be very very tasty. I have found memories of celebrating each other’s birthday. Giving birthday bump (a solid course of physical torture) to the birthday boy at the stroke of midnight which followed by a dinner to be hosted by him next evening was a great fun.

I always remember our professors / directors used to take us to dinner (thankfully they were all foodies) at a restaurant at Banshankari 5th stage, the whole menu card was ordered for our table. There were so many amazing things happened with me which I think not many would be willing to believe it. How many of you will believe that my room buddy Mayank and I used to have a same wallet? We used to keep all our money in the same place and never used to count individually. We used to use each other vehicle, clothes and etc. There are many such wonderful memories I shall be carrying rest of my life. Bad memories are also there, some unnecessary fight, back bighting, bad taste of life etc. They also played an important role in my life. It made me stronger and tougher.

Q7.What was your initial thought process when you joined IFIM?

Simple, I wanted to be more equipped. We are from nineties, we saw only govt. job as only way out. At the awaking of nineties, with the advent of MONMOHANAMICS we started to dream. I wanted to take a dip in the world of possibilities and world of learning at the time of joining IFIM.

I knew business study would help me to get in to the league of new generation of corporate league.

Q8. Briefly take us through your life at IFIM campus, both academic and non-academic life?

My life in IFIM had many phases. Initially there were lots of anxieties and question marks as our institute were taking shape. Anyway we were in new place alone and didn’t know what is going to happen next. Soon most of the things got regularized in terms of studies and curriculum. Once we got in the regular curriculum home sickness was very high. This phase was over in couple of months when bondages with friends became stronger. A typical day used to start with a quick shower (most of the day without it) a fast breakfast and reaching the institute at 9 am. Between the classes we used to go to the nearby café to cover up shortcomings of our morning breakfast. Someday it is idli with a dash of butter, or ‘bisibarabath’ or ‘kharabath’ and ‘kapi’. Taste and happiness were guaranteed. Back to hostel by 4 pm and all of us used to sleep for an hour. By 5 a cup of coffee used to charge us for the next course of activities. Rest of the available time were used to get consumed by Studies ( not always as you know) or fun ( most of the time) .

Q9. You are proud alumni of this top B-school. What is the best part of this B-school from a student perspective?

IFIM was never the same during our days. In those days none of our class mate had the brand equity which student of recent time can enjoy. We all had to prove our metal only by delivering excellence. Thankfully our entire batch had done it with ease. I think here lies the success of IFIM. It had created its first torch bearers quit well. In a nutshell the best part of IFIM to me was the quality of learning that it had produced since its beginning.

Q10. Tell us one of your IFIM student life secrets and tips, which can be shared with the future aspirants?

Always read between the lines…. This was my secret and would like to share the same with all the future aspirants

Q11. How would you like to give back to society and what are your future plans? Any suggestion/guidance for the future aspirants?

Through my business I try to create careers for others, I try to make professionals within in my domain. Since my business is not a text book one its sounds very challenging to me. Apart from that I try to spread the concept of health and hygiene among the small children. So at the time they grow up, they can make a better Swatch Bharth. My team takes care of a municipal school in terms of cleanness, hygiene and health.

To the future aspirants my advice is to do your best now when there is time for you, so that you don’t regret later by saying “I could have done better”.

Q12. Could you share with us a little information about your family and hobbies?

My father is a retired Insurance professional and mother is a housewife. My wife Aparna, also an alumnus of IFIM is in board of all of my company besides being life support to me and my two kids.

People may not believe it but I have more than 40 hobbies, some of them are travelling, playing cricket, acting, playwriting, kite flying, singing, reading, collecting shoes, collecting cricket bats, farming, swimming

Debtosh Chatterjee
Designation and Organisation: CEO & MD
Work Experience: 20 years +
B-school/ Programme/Batch: IFIM 1st batch

25 years of leadership development

The journey of IFIM Institutions