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Guest Lecture on New Age Media by Mr. Ramesh Ranjan, former Vice President - HR Services at Schneider Electric was conducted for BA- Journalism students

24th Feb 2016

The session on New Age Media on February 24, 2016 started with a welcome speech given by Ms. Prathibha Tiwari, first year of BA Journalism. Mr. Ramesh Ranjan, who conducted the guest lecture, explained the novel concept of ‘New Age Media’, which was about the modern day developments in Journalism and mass media. Mr. Ranjan, the founder and head of Human Engineers made the day special with his informative presentation about the New/web Journalism. He started the lecture with the actual definition of the term ‘Journalism’ and how it is being used in modern times. An important take away of the lecture was - “The current scenario of news media and technology is all about engaging with the customers”.

SMAC and Current Trends

Mr. Ranjan then explained about SMAC (Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud) which runs the whole world in this modern society. The US news industries had a drastic fall in their physical paper sales and paved the way for Online Journalism. Smart phones, Smart houses which all are connected with web servers make change in physical activities. The current trend in media is Citizen Journalists, Backpack Journalists, Social Media which allows anyone to share their news and ideas. It shows the power of media and the people’s reach to the whole world via internet.

Finally, Mr. Ranjan gave brief details and a short video presentation about Human Engineers, a HR consulting and services organization specially focused on startup and SME. He ended his presentation by saying, “Welcome to the field of Journalism”.

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