Digital Business: New Frontiers in Management | February 4-6, 2016

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IFIM Business School, Bangalore

We live in a ‘digital’ world.


We dream of a ‘digital India’.  We think of ‘digital’ as the panacea for bridging the gap between the haves and have nots.


‘Digital’ is in the platform, in the technology and in the very core of business and governance activities.

Important Dates
Last date for submission of full papers
January 15, 2016

‘Digital’ is quick, nimble and progressive.  In short, business is going digital.


While industry, ingenuity and creativity takes advantage of ‘digital’ technology, the evolving discipline is yet challenging to construe. As it stands, what ‘digital’ is and can be appears as a hazy picture in the horizon while we await an opportunity to retrospect for clarity in image. Those of us who are experiencing this landscape sense are privileged to witness a phenomenon of rapid transformation. It is clear however, that there is a definitive shift in the nature of skills and knowledge required by future leaders and managers. For academia to furnish the requisite skill set that industry will require tomorrow, it is imperative that they come together to brainstorm and think about future direction of business. And the future lies in Digital.


Given the promise of the digital space in business, governance and lifestyle of citizens today as well as the growing importance of big data analytics, we believe that the gap between academic and industry thought must converge to make best of both worlds. It’s time to come together to discuss and make sense of the ‘digital’ world as we know it. Hence, on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of Convergence, the annual international conference of IFIM Business School, we open our portals to invite participants, partners and collaborators to a conference comprising:


  1. A symposium of papers and case presentations
  2. Round table discussions and
  3. Plenary sessions by imminent speakers from the ‘digital’ world


For Whom


This conference is of interest to everyone who might be interested in or works with Digital Business. This is a great platform to showcase efforts of industry and academia in trying to understand the digital platform. Specifically the audience includes:


  1. Academics carrying out research in the area of digital business
  2. Academics interested in developing their expertise and knowledge of digital business
  3. Practitioners focused on enhancing their presence using digital platforms
  4. Practitioners interested in sharing their experiences with the digital platform
  5. Practitioners who use and deal with digital as a tool for business development
  6. Anyone who is interested in listening to top notch plenary speakers and track presenters in the field of digital business


Conference Themes


  1. Business Analytics & Big Data in Digital Business
  2. E-Commerce
  3. Digital Marketing and HR
  4. Microfinance & Digital Banking
  5. Digital Education
  6. Transforming society through digital platforms
  7. Using digital platform in governance activities
  8. Role of Internet Of Things in Digital Business
  9. E-Governance


Call for Papers


This conference calls for contributions in the following categories:


  1. Academic and Practitioners Research papers covering conference themes given above
  2. Teaching Cases
  3. Practitioner Cases

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