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Prof. Rajarshi Chakraborty attends case study workshop at IIM Ahmedabad

21st & 22nd October, 2016

A case study teaching method workshop was organized jointly by IIM Ahmedabad and Harvard Business Publishing at IIM Ahmedabad new campus located in Vastrapur, Ahmedabad.

Prof. Rajarshi Chakraborty, Assistant Professor – PEP and Chairperson – Student Affairs at IFIM Business School attended the same. The workshop was conducted by two of the most prominent faculty experts, Prof. V.G.Narayan and Prof.Vijay Sherry.
Around 62 participants from various Business Schools across the country participated in this exclusive workshop. Four HBR cases were given as a pre – reading for this workshop. The first day was facilitated by Prof. VG Narayan, a renowned professor from Harvard Business School and he started of with discussing cases and making the participants getting familiarized with the Case Method teaching method. During the first day 3 of the 4 pre-reading cases were discussed and he showed the participants a very unique way of discussing a case in the class, including a class plan, a blackboard plan, discussion blocks and a unique opening question.

At the end of the first day, Prof. Sherry took over and he gave the participants an overnight assignment of discussing the fourth case on Nalli Silk. Two of the participants, including Prof. Rajarshi, were given the responsibility to conduct the discussion session on the case and the very next day and both the volunteers were received with a thundering applause by the participants, post the session. Prof. Sherry took over from there and he covered in details the roles of the students and faculty in the case discussion method of teaching. The workshop ended with an open house discussion and the distribution of certificates.

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