The rules and regulations are to make Kanyathon, a safe and pleasant experience for all the stakeholders. It is important to read and comply with them. Noncompliance may result in cancellation of the registration and dis-qualification from the race

  1. Participants must provide the accurate information about age, gender, address, mobile number and email id.
  2. The email verification of registration for individual event group will be sent to registered mobile number and email id. Participants are requested  to provide correct contact information in the registration form to receive all communication from Kanyathon Marathon in timely manner.
  3. If the runners does not receive  any notification from us with 48 hours of submitting the registration form, then he/she contact to us via email, with the required registration and payment information.
  4. Every runners will be assigned a unique running number (Bib), which they have to collect individually from the designated location. Location and date for collecting the Bib will be communicated all participants through an email.
  5. In the event if the runners is unable to collect her/his running number individually, the same can be collected by his/her representative. The representative must carry the authorization letter along with the copy of the runner’s govt. issued photo ID proof along and the copy of the email which was sent to the participant. The authorized rep also must carry his/her own id.
  6. All runners must mandatorily be dressed in the running number bib at all times throughout the event. The participants will not be allowed the entry into the holding area before the race if they failed to wear the Bib.
  7. Any runner who is either wounded or exhausted must be carried to the close by Energy/medical Station for support. If the injury is severe the runner is requested to pursue the necessary medical emergency measures.
  8. All runners are requested to value the environment and local neighborhoods by using the trash bins and recycling bins at the Energy Stations and on the race track.