Why Run With Us?

We see it in her eyes everyday; the pain of patriarchy, sexism and poverty. She could be selling roses or pens on the street but within her lies the burning fire to become something, to change the world. However, if nobody stands up for her, gives her a voice and paves the way for her to succeed, she’ll still be standing at your window when the traffic lights turn red.

That’s why Kanyathon came to life. It came to life to educate her, empower her and help her change the world.

At Kanyathon, we aim to make the world a better place for both girls and women. We support the girl child as well as the women who need it. We not only try to educate the children, but we also try to ensure that they are not forced to do any work they are not supposed to do. We try to rid villages of child labour and provide immunization as well. People run for the cause and all the proceeds of the pass goes to charity.

We are proud to share that all funds collected so far have impacted families and villages. Kanyathon 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019 helped in 3,03,222 children going back to school, 1820 villages were made child – labour free, 19021 children were immunized, and 13,330 children have been protected from malnutrition.

Rs. 22 lakhs have been donated to CRY in the last four years with Rs. 12 lakhs alone from Kanyathon 2019. The 2019 funds will be directed towards our Shiksha Aadhar program as well as to aid the five villages adopted by IFIM in the Kolar district under the government’s Unnat Bharat Abhiyan scheme. These villages are Settiganahalli, Mylandahalli, Gangapura, Thirumalakoppa and Koothandahalli. Both Shiksha Adhar and the Kolar village program will be managed by CRY and students will also extend their help in Kolar through IFIM’s Social Internship Program (SIP).

Flying Officer Rashi Raina, one among the first 6 women fighter pilots in IAF, Aruna Newton, Global Head- Diversity & Inclusion, Sustainability Governance and Reporting at Infosys Limited and Olympic Swimmer, Sajan Prakash were the Chief Guests for Kanyathon 2019. From 600 participants in 2011, Kanyathon 2019 witnessed a huge crowd of 4000 people which included runners of all types. From corporates to kids, parents to professional runners, army, NGO volunteers, and college students all ran to save the Girl Child.

The 9th edition of Kanyathon will be held on March 1st, 2020 in Electronics City and we look forward to your partnership to solve a major problem in India. Come, let’s not just run for her. Let’s “run to EMPOWER her!”

Kanyathon in association with CRY

Lives Touched by CRY





CRY – Child Rights and You is an Indian non-profit that believes in every child’s right to a childhood—to live, learn, grow and play. For nearly four decades, CRY and its 200 partner NGOs have worked with parents and communities across 23 states to ensure sustainable change in the lives of over two million underprivileged children.
IFIM has collaborated with CRY since Kanyathon’s inception and this association has been extremely fruitful. IFIM students and CRY have thus managed to develop a very close bond which invigorates IFIM students to go the extra mile to give the receiver of the funds gathered, the smile and happiness they rightfully deserve. Together we have helped over 3 lakh children go back to school and with such numbers, our drive to make Kanyathon bigger only increases.

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